My new blog

Dear simmers,

After a long time being a member and part of the AVSIM staff, I’ve decided to create my own blog which is going to reflect my personal opinions and experiences.

Comments, questions and discussions are of course very welcome!

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11 Responses to My new blog

  1. Dirk. says:

    Good luck with your blog, Kosta. Thanks for all the flightsim stuff that you share.

  2. Kosta says:

    Dirk, thanks! My pleasure 🙂

  3. Vic Baron says:

    I, for one, appreciate your stance, It shows you are interested in the simming experience and not political correctness. I understand the legalities involved in the FSX/P3D but I do think the whole thing is being mishandled. Anyhow, I look forward to more of your insights into FSX vs P3D.

  4. drumsonly2002 says:

    You have helped the community greatly with your insights. My FSX, and P3D went from bad to great with your guide. I think I reflect the voice of many who have benefited from your insight and well thought out guides. It is a wonderful thing to have a dull sim shine with the right polish. Stay the course and keep sharing. It can only get better from here on fowards. My flight sim experience has gotten a lot better thanks to you.

  5. drumsonly2002 says:

    Just a suggestion for an open threaded blog. Call it Kosta’s Question Corner. A blog for those who ask question’s about anything FSX to Kosta. I find Kosta’s replies are very insightful.

    • Kosta says:

      What are you talking about? People can ask me freely here. It’s not meant to be a forum, too much to maintain, and like this, people can ask me without problems…?

      • drumsonly2002 says:

        Hi Kosta! Great to know that. Sometimes I have a question or two, but do not want to change the direction of a thread and go off topic out of respect for your blog and the topic. Thank you for the reply. I appreciate the open format. Been on forums so long going off topic is a no no, and do not want to water down the theme of a topic specific blog. I am glad this place is not so rule orientated. Keep up the good work, best regards Dan.

  6. Flegma says:

    Hello Kosta
    Congratulations for your blog. Where I can contact you privately?

    Nisam bas dobar sa engleskim jezikom pa zelim vam dai neke predloge i sl. Oprosti sto ova poruka nije full engleski.

  7. Mihcael Rose says:

    Kosta I have a question I read some where that the affinity mask didn’t work with the i7 from intel can you confirm or deny this for me plz .Im running a i7 3770k Oc to 4.6 ghz using 16g dominator 1866 with a titan video card frame rates seemed very low after a complete refresh and install of OS and fsx after using your suggested tweaks. addons pmdg ftxg and fsdt and flight beam airports. can I also email me need some advise ??? have some other question

    • Kosta says:

      AM definitely works with Intel.
      Whatever “seems” low to *you*, has to be put into perspective – what is low?
      Please post questions here.

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