FSDT Addon Manager now compatible with Legacy Mode

Umberto managed to make the FSDT Addon Manager compatible EVEN with the Estonia Migrator Legacy Mode (P3D running as a disguised FSX).

Check here for more info.

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7 Responses to FSDT Addon Manager now compatible with Legacy Mode

  1. thanks for presenting your ideas and thoughts to us.

  2. Thank you for such a fantastic web site. On what other blog could anyone get this kind of information written in such an insightful way? I have a presentation that I am just now working on, and I have been looking for such info.

  3. Kosta says:

    Thank you very much for your comment. I don’t know when you posted this, but apparently it got stuck in the spam filter. I am very new to this whole thing, so still learning!
    I’m trying to keep the one place for simmers out there to get all they would need for configuring FSX. I hope I’m doing a good thing!

    • Jean Marie says:

      Costa, you are an FSX genius, I’m a simmer, but was always frustrated when I watch some fsx video on youtube that look really amazing, I bought a couple of addons to make my fsx look like theirs, but did not work and I but a pretty good computer for that, still. Till yesterday when I came across your website describing how to tweak, I tried, and my friend, Its looks amazing, I could not believe my eyes, even my defaults airports look great, all the addons look so realistic, I can’t stop flying.
      Thank you so much.

  4. Jon Shearer says:

    Hi Kosta, Is P3Dv3 too new yet to get your opinion on the sim? I have found it smooth as silk without touching anything. PMDG 777 turning 20fps everywhere. LM have done something that has completely rejunevated the simulator.


    • Kosta says:

      I got P3Dv3 couple of days ago. Still to early to say how much better, but I see improvements. Smooth as silk? There is still no NI profile, and no chance of decent AA and/or VSYNC.
      However the performance is better than it ever was with v2.5 and VAS usage definitely better than v2.5. However better than FSX? Still testing that, but seems quite good!
      It’s kind of you get same FPS in FSX and P3Dv3, however in P3Dv3 it’s with HDR, shadows, many more features than with FSX – to “equal” FSX, I’d have to turn off a lot in P3D, and if I do, FPS are better than FSX, especially in full screen (full resolution).

      • Jon Shearer says:

        I get more fps in every sim but all of them are limited to 20fps. I figured LM might have had a point regarding this setting, so I’m using it in FSX, P3Dv1.4 and v3. Purist tweakers might fall about with laughter but I’m very happy with all of them at 20fps limited internally.
        Regarding AA and VSync: I have always hated shimmering and ‘marching ants’ on the straight lines. On my system, I have never seen a tighter model.and shimmering is absent, completely. I still have heaps of scenery etc to install. The only change I have made to the base system was FTX Global Base and it’s sensational. I have an ageing GTX680 Cuda II with 4 gig of vm and speedfan reports it is not going higher than 70 c under high load.


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