FSX/P3D Performance Comparison Removal

Dear simmers,

Unforunately, I had to remove my review on performance comparison.
I made a mistake in the review, something I really don’t do often, and this time the error was so deep, I didn’t have a chance of noticing it, only suspected it.

What happened: I had Windows 7 installed with full FSX, everything I was using for a long time and flying.
Apparently this installation was broken – it yielded way less FPS than FSX is capable of. I had no comparison to run!
So after I have seen such high FPS in P3D, I believed that FPS are higher in P3D in general.
I reinstalled W7, put P3D on it, which had the same performance as my old FSX under old OS-installation.

It was not an OS fault. It was simply bogged down FSX, which ran slower.

Couple of days after I did the test, I got suspicious after some have reported same speeds, so I installed FSX – and hold and behold, I had similar FPS in FSX.

After not being able to believe how stupid the whole thing went, I cleaned up the machine ONCE again, ran both FSX and P3D setups, in the clean environment I ran the tests and came to a simple conclusion: P3D yields the same FPS or a bit better FPS in some scenarios.
It is a bit smoother though. But if you are heavy armed with my tweaks under FSX, you can also come very close to the smoothness in P3D.

Nevertheless, P3D is not bad, it is the way forward, it already offers features that FSX doesn’t offer (sound on lost focus for instance…), and it’s going only to get better.

Yet again, I am very very sorry for what happened, I stand by my mistakes and I hope such error will never happen again!

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8 Responses to FSX/P3D Performance Comparison Removal

  1. Ben Cap says:

    Mighty unfortunate…. :/

  2. I appreciate your candor, however you (and Bojote) revolutionized FSX for all of us. I am sure you will enlighten us more about P3D in good time.

    • Ben Cap says:

      That is very true. He is a true savior for FSX and P3D. If it weren’t for his guides and help, we would still be confused!

  3. Jesse says:

    No problem Kosta. I really appreciate the update and keep those posts coming. 🙂

  4. Dirk says:

    At least having P3D alongside is a good way to make sure your FSX is set and running properly. How would you know FSX was “bogged down” otherwise?

    • Kosta says:

      Quite! I have them now side by side, P3D running quite clean for testing, and I have now situation saved named appropriately AND screenshots to it telling me how many FPS I have in those situation. And a settings CFG file to it.
      Now there can be no more mistake in this area. This will happen only once!

  5. howardkeith says:

    Be gone sir, hang your head in shame, you should be shot at dawn… LOL well not really, I guess it’s better that you discovered the problem sooner rather than later Kosta. I have to admit, when you were reporting such improvement claims over FSX I was more than a little sceptical. Anyway, have a good day matey…

    • Kosta says:

      A bit harsh Howard, don’t you think? Yes, I went too fast out with it as I was really happy about it, but the fact is, that previous versions already shown some progress, so I assumed this new version has shown even more progress.
      At least I stand behind my errors.
      Same to you matey.

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