A useful FSX water setting info

As I have been wondering often what happens in the sim when the water slider is moved, here is a brief explanation of it (there are various sources for this, one being PT blog, but none being complete – this should be a correct explanation on what a water slider does in FSX):

1.x has no reflections:

– Low 1.x – the basic shader

– Mid 1.x – adds an animated detail texture

– High 1.x – adds some specular effects

2.x adds a 2nd pass to get reflections and this can be a killer:

– Low 2.x – only the sky (including sun, moon and stars) and aircraft are reflected

– Mid 2.x – sky, aircraft and clouds are reflected

– High 2.x – sky, aircraft, clouds and terrain are reflected

– Max 2.x – sky, aircraft, clouds, terrain, autogen and other scenery objects are reflected

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5 Responses to A useful FSX water setting info

  1. Stéphane LI-THIAO-TE says:

    Setting High 2.x could get rid of the flashing texture (don’t know why) !

  2. hello
    i want to ask about fsx.cfg file.
    my fsx is installed in D/fsx and win 7 in C LOCAL DISC
    and i see fsx.cfg file in d/fsx/fsx.cfg and in /c/users/admin/appdata/roaming/microsoft/fsx/fsx.cfg
    wich one i must tweak?
    2) how to have clean fsx.cfg
    3) my system is;cpu i7 2600k 3,8 ghz—cpu liquid cooling system H100
    mobo-asus p8z68-Vpro
    ram-16 gb ddr3 1600 mhz
    gpu-asus geforce gtx 580 1536 mb ddr5
    how to tweak fsx.cfg for this pc

  3. Jonathan Fyfe says:

    Reblogged this on JF's 737NGX Waypoint and commented:
    Great summary of the Water settings in FSX!

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