Heads up, guide update

Dear simmers,

Only a heads up, as I made a major update to the guide, adding relevant “*P3D” updates of the tweaks I am using in the P3D, updated GPU and CPU sections, some small changes here and there (nothing big in this area though), and added VAS/OOM section.

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1 Response to Heads up, guide update

  1. Have any tests been run for P3D using GTX vs Radeon graphics cards? Seems very difficult to get any info out of Lockheed on what they have done or will be doing to the code as to its effect on the two styles of graphics cards. I am a new simulator user and have both FSX and P3D… I have just been running the software on a measly laptop and now looking to build a higher performance platform… Big difference in prices between models of all the graphics cards currently available… Thanks in advance for any help!

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