ActiveSky 2012 SP2 is out!

HifiSim has released an SP2 for their AS2012.

A breakdown of the enhancements, please look here:

What I love most about it is the feature at the startup (which can be turned off if you wish) which asks what type of flying you want. This was the weather engine setups up, automatically, the best settings for that type of flying.

I was just flying in the NGX and was testing low altitude VFR and high altitude IFR modes. Both work really well, and the first one was really depicting clouds from horizon to horizon, and I didn’t experience wind problems in neither or. The IFR mode is known DWC mode in AS2012, a global weather setting, which has been made for PMDG aircraft, to prevent sudden wind shifts, realistic wind alofts, all for correct fuel burn and flight planning. The VFR mode offers better and more real cloud depiction, on expense of less realistic flight planing, fuel burn etc.

My thanks go to Damian and the team for the hard work, bringing us possibly the best weather generation for FSX.

Also the very news with the SP2 version is the compatibility with P3D. But be aware that FSX flightplan files (.PLN) in text format cannot be read by P3D because they use an XML format. Vic has found that if you use AS2012 to IMPORT the FSX .pln file, you can then EXPORT it as a P3D XML file and it will load perfectly in P3D. (Thanks Vic)

Get the SP2 here:

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14 Responses to ActiveSky 2012 SP2 is out!

  1. Tim Trosky says:

    So if you buy Activesky at the simMarket is SP2 included? Thanks.

    • Kosta says:

      I don’t know if they updated the file. But you can find out the moment you install it, by looking up at the version.

      • Tim Trosky says:

        Thanks for the response. Turns out you need to download the update. My machine runs well at this time thanks to your tweaks.

  2. John says:

    You wrote: “My thanks go to Damian and the team for the hard work, bringing us possibly the best weather generation for FSX.”

    Nope, the best is Opus,why are you not up to date and amongst the hippest of the FSX hipcrowd, Sir Dan?? 😉

    Try it, and you´ll never use anything else, and BTW use the HDE freeware by Louis Feliz Geraldo, something, it´s fre, it´s tiny in Gb. Why use REX at 10 Gb, AS2012 at 8-9 Gb? it´s gone totally crazy IMO. Keep it slim, simple and mean,

    • Kosta says:

      John, I understand what you mean.
      At the point where I tested Opus, it was quite in early stages… I returned it then over F1, might be inclined to buy it again when they improve the camera transitions, editing etc, to my satisfaction – I am a heavy EZCA user, and if I transition, I want both. Weather has also been improved quite a lot, and is slowly gaining lots of thing AS2012 has to offer.

  3. John says:

    I understand… Opus is releasing a beta almost daily, so hopefully they´ll improve what you mention, But maybe REX and AS2012 have “shaped up” after Opus entered the scene!

  4. asanal says:

    REX is my favor, but after last REX SP I am having major problem, violent wind shift and sudden lost of airspeed.No way, I can use REX until they solve these problems.
    My question to you:
    Can I use REX only for texture and weather engine for AS2012? If yes How can I manage it?
    I tired to download OPUS to see theire weather engine, but having much problem with Demo download. I must doing some thing wrong,

    • Kosta says:

      I’m not using REX weather. I am on AS2012.
      Why wouldn’t it be possible to use REX for texturing and AS2012 for weather??
      Opus is also quite fine, the demo is working fine for me, still I can’t really decide between the two – in one situation AS2012 is better, in another Opus… AS2012 has always been good, Opus is getting better by the version.

  5. asanal says:

    I will try AS2012 with REX. I unistalled Opus demo, but still on “Lock Spot View “screen at top right conner still “OPUS FSX View” sign keep coming up. How can I remove it?

  6. Paolo says:

    Kosta, out of curiosity, which are your setting in AS 2012 visibility option?


    • Kosta says:

      I have no “settings”. I load one of the profiles at startup, usually the most top one, for IFR, or the 2nd if VFR.

      A sidenote: try FS Global Real Weather, you can load the demo. I was seriously impressed yesterday. Still testing.

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