Anisotropic Filtering Conclusion

So, without further ado, here is the conclusion about filtering in FSX:

Without much searching the forums, since I didn’t know where to look really, I noticed the FPS drop also in the middle of Atlantic, without clear weather. So with a bit of luck, I decided it must be water textures, and only ones I had installed were from REX.

I went poking around in the program, trying out different textures, with no avail. Then I saw on the setup page 32bit vs DXT1, and said to myself, fine, let’s try it. And voila:
No more FPS drop with both filterings. But there is also graphical difference between the two.

I came to this conclusion myself, but also martin-w (thank you) posted that this issue has been recognized previously on the REX forums, so together with that, I am calmed down, that it’s not my computer only.

This is a help for many simmers out there, when configuring their sim, especially since MANY simmers use REX, and I believe many will come into this problem, without really knowing what is causing it. Well, now you know. It’s simply a combo of factors.

REX 32bit water textures + Anisotropic Filtering in NI = NOT OK
REX 32bit water textures + Anisotropic Filtering in FSX = OK
REX DXT1 water textures + Anisotropic Filtering in NI = OK
REX DXT1 water textures + Anisotropic Filtering in FSX = OK

NI = Nvidia Inspector

Also important, something someone was asking me before in the thread:
Anisotropic Filtering in FSX has no impact on FSX if you set Nvidia Inspector (Anisotropic filtering mode) to User Defined/Off and add 16x filtering in the next row. Nvidia Inspector takes over your setting in the FSX (be that aniso or trilinear). Only when you set Nvidia Inspector to Application Controlled, does the setting in FSX take over and then you have filtering via FSX. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to combine the two, like it’s possible with Antialiasing.

I hope this helps some of you at chasing smooth gameplay, since this problem has gave me an aggrevation for quite some time, since I have been using 32bit water textures, since like forever.

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34 Responses to Anisotropic Filtering Conclusion

  1. Hi Kosta….keep up the good work…question: when you speak above of NI, are you referring to “Nvidia Investigator?”….and when you speak of setting “NI to User Defined”
    are you speaking of setting Anisotropic Filtering in NI to user defined?….just need a little
    clarification….thanks, John H

    • Kosta says:

      Thanks John.
      Correct, I edited the above post to clarify things a bit.
      User-defined / Off is a setting in the Nvidia Inspector too, just under “Application Controlled” (Anisotropic filtering mode).

  2. Tor says:

    So, much panic, troubles and hardship over at Avsim because of this? Why the heck do you use 32 bit textures with your already overloaded system, i.e. the Catpiss 2500×1600? You ARE asking for trouble dear Sir Dan! Solution: Get rid of insane 16 Gb of REX, and AS2012 too, buy FEX, load the water and clouds, and you are in FEX “Zen Heaven” – aka keep it minimal, but nooooo, we wan´t it all, stupid simmers… and especially Avsim stupid arrogant moron simmers!

    • Kosta says:

      John, no, sorry, don’t know about it, I am only an “addon-user”, and when troubles and configs arise, I tend to go about it the “usual” way, not trying to convert textures or something.

      Tor, you sure are correct, I could see into getting more performance, but in all honesty, I own both FEX and REX, and I still prefer REX textures. Always did.
      And why would you call my monitor “Catpiss”????? I am not asking for trouble, I just have what I like and try setting up around it – and on the way, help others do the same.

  3. Tor says:

    Hehe! Sorry, I was drunk when I posted, stupid me… The Catleap is OK, enjoy it, and keep up the good positive work – Te vagy a férfi 😉

  4. Martin says:

    Yes, as you say Kosta, I discovered the fix for the AF frame rate drop 12 months ago, and posted about it on the REX forum. Thanks very much for recognising that in your piece.

    There’s a big Kosta sized hole over at Avsim. Many miss you.

    • Kosta says:

      No problem, Martin. I just wanted to point it out again, as it can easily be a source of problems, and without someone shouting about it, it might be forgotten, and that wouldn’t be a good thing when looking for solutions for bad FPS.

      Thanks for the kind words, but I don’t think AVSIM will pardon me. I’ll be residing strongly at, so all who want are welcome to join me. A much friendlier community in my humble opinion.

  5. Andrew 737 says:

    Hi Kosta

    A late friend of mine et up my REX – where can I look to see what water textures I am using.

    Are you still using the 32 bit ones?



  6. Trevor says:


    Have you heard of the same 32-bit texture issue in Active Sky 2012? I’m using 32-bit 2048 clouds and 32-bit water, and I’ve been thinking about reducing resolution to 1024 across the board (staying 32-bit) to claw back a couple FPS. I’m wondering, on the basis of your comments above, if I should try the 4096 DXT textures.

    I’ll try them, but I’m curious what you think. Unfortunately, as you know, you have to run through about 100 flights to fully test a change in settings. Just curious if you’ve already been down this road.

    Btw, I’ve followed your guide to the letter and have a rock solid 30 FPS in most situations. You sir are a rockstar! Of course, flying my NGX with EZCA, FTX England, UK2000 scenery (haven’t tried Heathrow), Ultimate Traffic 2 at 100% with heavy cloud cover from Active Sky 2012, my frames are dipping to the low 20’s on departure. I feel like a lucky #*$&@, but I’m greedy and want to try to claim those back, especially if 4096 DXT looks nice.

    My specs are i7-3770K at 4.6, P877Z Pro, 16GB 1866, GTX-680 4GB.

    • Kosta says:

      Check out my newest addition in the Guide, it’s a small section I added exactly on that. Been down that road, and opted for DXT5 2048 (higher res, but DXT5) and water, but DXT1, not 32bit, as it has issues otherwise.

      To be honest, having 20-ish frames with what you counted, you should really feel good! I too have about 20-ish, and would never expect more. It’s simply impossible, with the CPUs going only up to 5.0Ghz.

      We will need 8.0Ghz or IPCs which are about 50% better. Maybe in couple of years, LOL.

  7. Eduardo Lee says:

    Hi Kosta, I’ve gone into confusion with some combinations of AA DELNI and FSX and vice versa. Please could put laconfiguracion which would in conclusion you should take the NI and the FSX settings.
    (With image would be much better.’s English is not my native language) Thank you.

    • Kosta says:

      I don’t quite understand what you want from me, sorry…

      • Eduardo Lee says:

        You’re right, writing without seeing. Sorry.

        What I want is to know is what would be in comclusion the best settings in the Nvidia Inspector and the settings of FSX?
        Got a picture or the correct profile for the Nvidia Inspector as it should be?

        I hope I explained better. thanks

      • Kosta says:

        In my guide, the pictures provided are the recommended settings, Eduardo.

  8. Eduardo Lee says:

    I’ve already found it.
    Kosta, a question … ‘ve tried FSX in DX10? Applying the improvements that have been made in various forums?

    • Kosta says:

      Yes, I went through this. DX10 is an advanced stuff above DX9, that is sure, but for opens more problems than it closes. I respect that one guy who really did a lot of “fixes” to make DX10 work… For experimenting and some fun, nice, but if you are serious about your simulation, run DX9. DX10 is and will remain a “preview”.

  9. Paolo says:

    Hi Kosta, probably you’ve already explained this: Anisotropic filtering in FSX is to have better performance or better quality?

  10. Ian McPhail says:

    Kosta: thanks for this discussion as I too was having problems with fps and stutters at complex airports using real weather. I went back into AS2012 which I use with no problems in P3D and changed textures to 1024xDXT(mainly 1) and the result has been positive beyond the normal hope of 1 or 2 extra frames. I am thinking of dropping NI as it seems to make little difference from using NVid Control Panel. Any thoughts.

    • Kosta says:

      For me the NI is a must. Without sgss i get very bad shimmering. If you don’t need it, you might as well stay with default, yes. Also would miss the vsync options, however don’t know if default cp has them…?
      Btw. When it comes to weather, give a go to fs real global weather. You can use the demo. Way lighter than as2012.

  11. Ian McPhail says:

    Well, I’ll be blowed, to use an English phrase, your casual hint to sgss in NI, has gone a long way to solve my really bad shimmering problem. So NI is now absolutely necessary for me, too! I am now off to try the fs real global weather – that’s the one from Pilots I take it?

    • Kosta says:

      And whaddya know, I also have the same thing in my FSX guide 😉

      Yes, the weather is from PILOT’s. Flew yesterday with it, were really nice graphics, however it was not as taxiing as the AS2012. They are still working at a good implementation of turbulences, reading this on german forum, as he himself is a German I think…

      • Ian McPhail says:

        Kosta: you’ve got to be kind to the elderly. I probably read it at the time your guide came out, but over time with all other shifts, new stuff, updates, new guesses as to optimum settings – it obviously got lost. But thank you anyway, even if I irritate.

      • Kosta says:

        I always am, just pointing out. You know I am something a bit…uhmm well…harsh. Nothing new, buddy 😉 Besides, I lost my job today and been under much of stress lately, so I try my best. Sorry man.

      • Ian McPhail says:

        Hey Kosta: really sorry to hear about your work. Remember FS is just a hobby, income from work and the satisfaction of a job are the most important. All the best in your job hunt and I hope that you are back to work soon and all is well.

  12. Ian McPhail says:

    Now I want to overclock my Intel 3960 to at least 4.5. Unlike you all, I know that I have great cooling, a great Thermaltake case, and lots of cooling air but I would really like a cookbook approach that gives me the multiplier etc without all the manufactued doubt. Is there a source for this death or glory approach that you can recommend.

  13. Ian McPhail says:

    Hi Kosta: Open Hardware Manager tells me that it is an Intel Core i7-3960X

    • Kosta says:

      Ahh, of course it is. I totally missed that it’s the extreme CPU, there is no K or non-X. My mistake in all the stress.

      Anyway, overclocking Extremes is fairly easy. Bus Speed should be left alone, overclocking via multiplier. Up the multi in steps of 3 or 4 until 4.5, if unstable, up the voltage, monitor the temperature (under load!!, prime95, OCCT…), don’t let it go over 80c on load (FSX doesn’t matter), and recycle. This is really a simple simple overclocking tutorial, I suggest you read lots of documents and various tutorials on the net, just search for them, for better understanding what you are doing. Overclocking isn’t overly complicated, it’s a bit of art 🙂
      Important thing is that it is stable in hours of testing under a stress program, then you can call your overclock a stable one.

  14. FEER DIAZ says:

    hi kosta some time i get FSX stutter mainly with the ngx 737 with big airports like fly tampa most of the time 30 but ngx when taxi stutter.
    this settings Affinitymask is mandatory??

    pc specs
    i7 2600K @4.2 + GTX660 2GB kingston 8ggb ddr3 1600

    i have this any advice for me
    this is my current fsx settings


    any help would be great regards fernando…

    • Kosta says:

      There is no perfect smoothness with NGX in FSX with bunch of addons. It’s just impossible, no matter what hardware you have.

      My question is though, why aren’t you using (or did you try?) my tweaks? Check the guide I have and set your sim accordingly…

  15. Habib says:

    Hi mr Kostyra
    I’m having fs se with pmdg airplanes and orbex vector and some airports
    My laptop is alinewaer i7 qaudr 2.3 gh 16 g ram gtx 680 set with 3 monitors
    With default airport frame is 14 with addon airport drop to 6 some time 4
    The tureen texcher is blurry and it takes life to download the texcher when I am cruzeing
    My laptop is the latest alinewaer its powerful computer even if my fs se setting is low with any addon frams is so bad and texcher the same specially when I come closer to ground and airport
    I heard about your geniuse tweaks but aim so bad in computer issues I afraid to do something and
    Destroying everything so plzzzzzzzz mr kost helpe me step by step
    Iam sorry for taking your time

    • Kosta says:

      Hey Habib,
      A nice gesture, thank you, but really, more than writing the guide, there is not much I can do for you, except tell you to get stronger hardware (and not a laptop) for flightsim. Your laptop might be a powerful computer, but it is crap for flightsim.
      All the best

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