My side of the story – ban from AVSIM

My dear friends,

I never wanted to post something like this. But the recent development on AVSIM about me, the public humiliation I suffered, pushed me over the edge, sorry to say.

This is my side of the story.

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24 Responses to My side of the story – ban from AVSIM

  1. Scott says:

    I have been reading your work on AvSim for a very long time. I was away from flight swimming for roughly the last year when recently I had to reload my FSX computer from scratch. Somehow, I came across your website and used your guide exclusively. The result is that my FSX has never run better with as high a level of IQ and this has been with the EXACT same hardware platform. FWIW, I have benefited greatly from the work you and others have contributed to the past time of flight sim. I had NO idea that you were entangled with AvSim nor does it really matter in the grand scheme of things. What matters I believe is that YOU have reached YOUR objective of helping flight simmers enjoy the hobby. So regardless of the he said she said side of things, you can feel a sense of satisfaction that is independent of the opinions of others – right or wrong.

    • Kosta says:

      YES – this is exactly what I had in mind. I reached my goal, I helped and are still helping people, and this is the only thing that counts for me. Spreading the word too, of course.

      I’m sure that with further advances, we will still have things to test and try out, and one thing I’m sure of – I’ll be in the first row to test it and play with it! And you guys will be the first to read about it!

  2. Jason says:

    Kosta – would it be fair to say that you have a certain amount of intellectual property (IP) tied up wth the Tweaking Guide? When you were part of the admin/mod team did you sign a contract advising that any IP becomes theirs? If not – they are stealing your IP. The rest is up to you, however if it were me, I’d be pissed.


    • Kosta says:

      Yes, it would be right to say that I have not only certain amount but quite a lot of amount of IP tied up to my guide.

      I never signed any contract advising that my IP becomes theirs. Also at the time of my forum sign-up, I didn’t agree to any ToS that would suggest that. ToS did change, and whatever ToS is now, I never verbally agreed to it. I merely obeyed.

      They are stealing my IP, or better said, Paul is, and this is what pisses me. But hey… going justice from EU to USA is quite impossible, I would think.

  3. Jake Eyre says:

    Not the other way round, Srdan..if the yanks want you for justice, you goin’ 😉 (unless you are Julian Assange that is)
    I think that is the sorriest part of the whole episode, the fact that theyare trying to “erase” you. Sucky, childish behaviour.

  4. Alex says:

    You are not alone, people are fed up with the Control Freak Fascists overthere:

    Small people, big ego´s apparently…

  5. 8400bk says:

    Damn, missed it lol

  6. Alex says:

    No – too late.. Gone. Here´s a new one, and “The Spiritual Flyer” locked it already, what a fool!

    • Kosta says:

      Ahh, what did you expect… I read the thread, and I was expecting it to go south quite soon.

      No freedom of speech at AVSIM, and they have now even blocked my whole domain. For example, if you try to post a link to my website, you will get a warning that you are trying to post a non-allowed link. LOL.

      It only shows the immaturity of AVSIM moderators and administrators.

  7. Alex says:

    Yep, it´s crazy, but maybe it´s a perfect mirror of the ever more paranoid USA? Homeland Security (Heimat Sicherheit, Adolf H. is laughing his a** off from hell! ) – TSA groping, FEMA camps, totally paranoid country, just weird that Stephen as a Canadian will copy that behaviour? Oh well, as a Christian Fundamentalist and a 100% hypocrite, he IS a yank by heart, hehe! 😉

  8. Randy says:

    More people will start leaving AVSIM if this continues sad but true . I was short notice of both side of the story . But if this continue AVSIM bye bye am in total stund mode.

  9. Randy says:

    KOSTA it just prove to us that if you were to be the owner of a company you won’t change who you are because of the position you have . Keep it good that way , i made business all around the US an came across company that does these kind of things .They completely fool you with their smart talk an making you believe they are truthful an worth to trust on . I like that when i talk to an administrator to feel like am talking to a human not someone who talks like if you were a client an they just want to convince you to stay with them or in better word to click their ad’s or buy the product they are advertising just to receive some kind of commision from developers. AVSIM is not bad all don’t get me wrong. But just because you have people from avsim in your blog they shouldn’t be so greedy like if they own you or something. Gosh !!! when will they understand that they are human also . This morning i saw my brother reading this topic on AVSIM boy AVSIM will get lonely now !! The tripod lost a leg an is all going down slowly . I hope AVSIM change if they don’t want to slowly lose daily simmers.

  10. Fred says:

    Avsim owners behave like upset children who have been given some power.
    They can not bare any criticism.
    best to leave them to it

  11. Harry says:

    my wife donated a FREE Prepar3D License to a member(KiwiFlyer) last year as a gift to Avsim for being a good flightsim site but this year she accidentally helped a member(Phantom88) get his Carenado B58 Xplane10 updated plane by giving her own link after Phantom complained on Avsim. Tom (NoSEX in over 40yrs) Allensworth banned her for Piracy but we are still on the site because my home uses a VPN IP Changer(

    • Kosta says:

      WTF? Why did you donate stuff to random users on AVSIM? Or did I misunderstand something? I know KiwiFlyer from writing with him only…
      I had to chuckle a bit on the comment of NoSEX in over 40yrs, yeah, but however, AVSIM sees some stuff ridiculously rigid.
      There are definitely many ways to access AVSIM and register new, even after they ban your account and IP. I’ve been also visiting AVSIM since the day they banned me with another account and still helping some clueless users, even if I don’t really have to – yeah, I’m a good guy and AVSIM as a forum has nothing to do with (some) users, which I tend to help here and there. Nobody knows it’s me, but I’m there.

      • Marc says:

        Do not give em any help Kosta !
        After all is Avsim people that do all the work for all the others and NOT YOU !!

  12. Harry says:

    by the way, why is AVSIM so deep up PMDG’s ASS 🙂 WTF are they so PRO PMDG and FSX…give XP10 some love you old farts that haven’t got laid since the 80’s.

    • Marc says:

      Avsim is suffering a very very slow and painful death !!

      • C. Hagmann says:

        Avsim has been down now for almost a week, I have no idea why these developers keep having their forums on such a bad website.

        I can’t access information about PMDG as I was having trouble, crap!

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