VAS reminder – turning off airports

I just wanted to give a short reminder to everyone who has OOM errors, to turn off (deactivate) all unused sceneries in the FSX when not flying them. This includes also sceneries which you don’t fly over, though those you fly over are those that impact the VAS at most.

I recently flew through Europe, and forgot to turn off some sceneries, and was plagued by OOMs again. One scenery even loaded 500MB into VAS when I flew over it!

So, just a soft reminder, to myself also, to turn them off, just keep those on that are really relevant – for instance, keeping Swiss Pro activated while flying from England to Italy at 31000ft in a 737 is not really meaningful.

If it helps, the only permanently activated sceneries here are basically mesh, UTX and landclass if you have any, and then the airports I fly from and to. In flying GA or low(er), then also ORBX.

In the page about OOM, you’ll find the explanation for Scenery Config Editor, my choice of a program to manage and turn the sceneries on or off, before even starting FSX.

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17 Responses to VAS reminder – turning off airports

  1. Fabio Mantellini says:

    Yep, to do that I use FS Scenery Manager 1.8 . I built myself a few scenery.cfg files which I recall anytime I need them. In: faster loading times, out: OOM’s.

  2. Bob Y. says:

    Thank you for the reminder Kosta. Great advise. I think that people should know that I believe the best way to do this is through a good scenery manager. That way you can turn off or on, the sceneries even before you start FSX.
    The scenery managers let you turn groups of sceneries off or on all at once, so it is not a problem.
    Just plan your flight ahead and turn on the sceneries that you need.
    Also I have come up with a way of turning off DLLs in the DLL.XML file so that I only use the .dll files that I need when I make a flight. I make several DLL.XML files and keep them in a storage folder. I may have one that I use when flying the NGX and another that I use when flying the Q400, etc. These are set up just to use .dll files that I need during the session.
    I can make as many as I want, and just keep replacing the DLL.XML file, keeping the others in my storage file. It seems to help.

    • Kosta says:

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks, I already did mention that in the above post though.
      Hmmm, good tip with the XMLs, however, do they help, at all? What do they minimize? I found out that DLLs only minimally help with the OOM and VAS usage.

  3. skip goudey says:

    Hi Kosta, Thanks for all your good tips they are very helpful.
    I was wondering what effect a big video card suvh as the GTX 770 or GTX 780 would have on dealing with OOM,s ??

  4. Clutch Cargo says:

    I am a tad confused here. As I understood FSX (P3D) only loads/activates scenery at about 120 mile radius around my aircraft. Are you saying other scenery is still being used up by memory contributing to OOM’s? As far as I know I have never experienced that.

    Anyone suggest a good scenery manager for P3D. I was using Scenery Config Editior but it looses the custom groups you set up after a while. Got tired of re-creating so many times but have not found a program as good – any suggestions?


    • Kosta says:

      Hi Clutch,
      When you load the FSX, and all your sceneries are enabled, if you open up the Diskmon, you will notice that not only your local sceneries are loaded, but also far ones too. However, this doesn’t affect the VAS.
      What does affect it is, if you fly from A->B, and you have a third scenery in either the vicinity or flying over, that scenery will full load of course, and use part of VAS. But it won’t unload completely of course. So when you have lots of sceneries, it might *potentially* become a problem.

    • Fabio Mantellini says:

      Yep, try to fly @ night with Van+ and FSDT Van Int. active, along with the small nearby Orbx airports…. LoL

  5. Stephane says:

    Is there any other way to reload, because you have to re-program FMS, in the PMDG 737 NXG

  6. Damian says:

    Hi do you need to keep the defualt files enabled, if you have FTX global?



    • Kosta says:

      Yes, the default scenery must be kept enabled, at all times, no matter what.

      • Damian says:

        Hi Kosta,

        Does the default scenery include the base folders too?


      • Kosta says:

        Let me put it bluntly for you: whatever is there in a default installation, should be left alone and not altered.

  7. Randy says:

    Hi Kosta,

    Just wanted to ask for your opinion on this. I use FTX Global and Vector, along with a whole heap of Aerosoft airports, and also running FS Captain and Pro Atc x.

    Now as you know, Vector gives us a configurator for Airport Elevation Corrections, and tells us to use it each time we install, uninstall, activate, or deactivate scenery. Does this mean that every time I fly, I’ll have to choose which airports I’m flying to, deactivate the rest, and run the configurator before flying?


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