Mouse FPS Drop in VC in FSX vs. in P3D

Just today while fooling around a bit, I noticed that in P3D I have less or almost no FPS drop when mouse is over and off the sim.

I read on NGX support forums from Tabs, that FSX was coded like this and there is nothing they can change to make it better. It happens with any aircraft, even default, or so they say. The effect is most noticable with the heaviest aircraft, for example NGX or Turbine Duke, both which are pretty FPS heavy.

However, while comparing some performances in FSX and P3D, I had a situation loaded, which shown me 36-37fps in the unlocked state, in both sims.

HOWEVER, in FSX, these FPS dropped to 30-31fps while mouse was over and risen again when mouse was off the FSX to 37. Now, in P3D, they stayed at 36-37fps, with both mouse over and off!! This alone is for me, worth the usage. While currently the 1.4 doesn’t give much (if any) FPS boost, it DOES seemingly fix this. At least this is my preliminary test and fast conclusion.

I would like to know: did anyone experience anything similar?

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18 Responses to Mouse FPS Drop in VC in FSX vs. in P3D

  1. Bjorn Wigerup says:

    Yes, this was very common in my FSX days, also both with wireless and with wired mouse. I tried different solutions but could not find any. This appear also in older versions. I remember I thought it was the graphic card that was the reason, but no.
    After converting to P3D i never have had this problem.

  2. kosmo007 says:

    HI Kosta, with FSX I note about a 1- 2 fps drop when the cursor shows vs not showing.

  3. Marc says:

    Have you heard of any tweaks to reduce the time required for the mouse to disappear. The default value must be configurable?

    • Kosta says:

      No. I know that Pete (FSUIPC) attempted it, and actually managed to hide the cursor, but that didn’t fix the problem, meaning the thing is deeping in the system. Funnily enough, cursor doesn’t turn off in windows, it only turns off in FSX. So if he, who knows FSX really deep, didn’t manage it, I don’t believe anyone else will (not in FSX that is)…

      Beside, P3D fixed it already. πŸ™‚

  4. chris198 says:

    Yeah, we should ask them if they would sell just that standalone-fix for FSX ! -)

  5. geoskylos says:

    It seems that if you mess with the mouse settings could make a difference. In my mouse i changed the polling rate and the drop was nearly to 0..It depends though form what kind of settings the driver exposes to the user….

    • Kosta says:

      Thanks, but changing polling interval (I don’t know however how to do it in the driver) is apparently quite dangerous. It can break the mouse, I read.
      So, how did you change it in your mouse?

      • geoskylos says:

        My mouse software (Razer Mamba) has this ability.

        But, what i did yesterday and my frames are now super steady, was that i UNCHECKED the “Enhance pointer precision” setting in Control Panel -> Pointer Options->[Motion] section…

        If you have it enabled try to disable it.

      • Kosta says:

        The Logitech software doesn’t provide such options, not to my knowledge. It offers DPI change and also power saving features, but not the polling interval.
        The enhance pointer precision is already disabled, I always have that off.

  6. charles says:

    I have always seen that drop in FSX with mouse. I dont have P3D. When they release the DX11 version I will switch. I never investigated any fixes for this moiuse drop. Hmmmm….

  7. I had not noticed this before, the FPS drop is very real and not insignificant!
    For me the solution is just to move it away, it would be great if it could be automated.

    • Kosta says:

      Yes, of course that is the solution, but a situation on takeoff, in which you usually have to click something, and provided you have 28-30fps while taking off, and then drops to 22-24, and starts stuttering as soon as you show the mouse… well, not neat.

      • Wisnu Prabowo says:

        Milviz F-15.. the mouse pointer appearance reduces nearly 7 fps. I manage to have them keyboard assgined to reduce the usage of pointer

  8. A little late to add this but if you are running THREE monitors then moving the mouse to either one away from the centre gives an fps increase as the mouse pointer disappears. As a guide, 3-4 fps at max and smaller proportions if you have a fixed (30fps) frame rate and you are near to 30. Its worth doing and I would think using keyboard hot keys to eliminate the need for mouse work would be VERY useful

    • Kosta says:

      Thanks, good to know.
      Unfortunately completely without mouse, for me, not possible. I fly only VC, so kinda impossible without building a complete home cockpit πŸ™‚

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