FTX Global

So I installed FTX Global today.

For me, it is the next best thing after NGX. Without much going into artistic area, I will stay in the technical, and say the following:

For me, it causes neither extra FPS drop or usage, nor it does use more memory (it did use about 30mb more on two test loads, but I don’t really want to go into unimportance of 30mb in a pool of 4000mb) 🙂

It is a great addon, well worth the money, and I did my first and very successful flight with it today. In fact, for some reasons, I was way more oriented when it came to charts and mountains.

For the screenshots I took while enroute, check the screenshots section on the right side!


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24 Responses to FTX Global

  1. Hello Kosta’s,

    Did You install FTX Global into FSX or P3D ?? – What other addons were You running it with ??

    Would it make FSX a keeper ??

    Sounds interesting to Me – Especially if it would save FSX !


    • Kosta says:

      Both. I flew in FSX an official BAW flight, from EGKK to LEAL, in NGX, and all went fine and great. Looked superb.
      The list of addons would be way too long here, but probably the ones interesting you would be REX, UTX, FSGenesis and Shade, these impact the look of the scenery.

      FSX has always been a keeper for me. P3D has some big bonuses, but not quite yet there for me. Especially the latest discovery with the mouse, however, I can always click away onto 2nd screen, so my FPS are again high.

      FSX is beyond saving, as there are deep problems in it, however there are mostly workarounds.

      But it surely gives FSX/P3D a new fresh look!

  2. b247ng says:

    Thank you for this quick feedback Kosta, i’m going to buy FTX global in the next days!

  3. Jim says:

    So what are you using for a weather generator? FTX looks good but I think I’ll still with GEX. I looked through your KPHX to KLAX shots and wondered what you have for add-on airports? I recently got Flightbeam’s KPHX and it’s very very nice. 🙂

    • Kosta says:

      My current weather engine is FSGRW. I like it what it does, it depicts really nicely, has very good turbulences which I experienced today around TNCM, it’s fast and simple. When it comes to programs, I prefer them simple and quick, as when doing a flight planing, which is really extensive over here (takes me about half an hour to prepare for a simple 2hrs flight).

      KPHX and KLAX are Flightbeam and FSDT. Previous shots were all GEX. I also have UTX. I think the FTXG really makes the whole sim come more alive. GEX wasn’t/isn’t bad, but FTXG kicks the ball out of the park.

  4. Paul F says:

    Dear Kosta, Hi. Are FTX and NGX FSX add-ons or separate programs? I tried Traffic-360, unfortunately is does not provide 3D cockpits and flyaway aircraft. They are working on a fix. I also tried Flight School Pro, which is fair for ILS training and ILS flights, but not the greatest.
    What is a good add-on or training program for learning ILS training with NDB, VOR and GNAV?
    Thanks for your help, Paul

    • Kosta says:

      Paul, funny questions you got there.
      No matter how you call them, these programs are extensions of the FSX.
      When it comes to trainings and FSX learning, I can’t tell you which program does the job best. I learned the simming the old school. Researching myself, reading, trying, then reading again, then failing, then doing tutorials, then asking etc…In the end, you learn all the stuff step-by-step.

      May I ask, when did you start with the whole thing?

  5. Jose Ribeiro says:

    Kosta, when you mention Shade, is this the Shade app by Mogwaisoft??

  6. b247ng says:

    Kosta, for FSGRW turbulence and local weather phenomena to work, did you enabled turbulence and thermal effects in fsx? With this enabled, Is there any performance impact in your testings?
    I have AS2012, but i liked what i saw about FSGRW so far, i’m considering a switch to this new weather engine

    • Kosta says:

      No, I didn’t change anything from my initial setup. Definitely nothing changed in FSX than on the screenshots in the guide thread. FSUIPC also has everything concerning winds unchecked.

      You can demo the FSGRW with 8 possible scenarios (8 manual loads). That was enough for me to persuade me.

  7. b247ng says:

    Thanks! Downloading demo now

  8. Paolo says:

    Hi Kosta, autogen popping is still present?

  9. Chris says:

    Did you install FTX Global directly over GEX products? I don’t think I have my GEX backups, so I’m wondering if I will run into complications.

  10. Chris says:

    Thanks for the replies. I went ahead and installed over GEX without a problem, but now I am running into an issue with big black street lights showing up everywhere. Apparently it’s a problem with the rendering of the FTX 3D lighting in DX10 mode, which is what I use. I’m trying to figure out how to fix this.

    • Kosta says:

      There was something I remember reading about this. As you already recognized DX10 problem. As I don’t really run DX10, can’t really be of help, sorry.

  11. Eduardo Lee says:

    Hi Kosta,
    I currently I have installed all versions of FS Global, GEX, UTX, landclass and some land and Orbx scenarios (EU England, NZ South & North, among others).

    Now I want to install FTX Global, what should I do? I can leave all the other products running or should I remove some to not interfere with the FTXG?

    What happens to Orbx scenarios that I have currently installed? All I can leave?
    I have to be making changes to the Central FTX whenever I travel by any of these areas or no longer needed?

    Sorry for so many questions, but you already have and that means you have already done a lot of testing of the product.

    • Kosta says:

      As I have repeated many times already: just install. No prerequisites. No problems. It is ONLY a default texture replacement. It will *replace* existing textures and back them up too. The installer even sets your FTX Central to default, as per requirement.
      I’ve said this so many times already, that I feel like a parrot.

      However, not being a FTX support, I will point you to the FTX forums, as there are many FAQs and answers to any possible question regarding install.

  12. chacko jegan says:

    Hey kosta, i just bought the FTX global package and installed it..but for some reason FTX central doesnt run for me…does that mean that the textures havent been loaded into Flight sim?

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