From GEX to FTXG – screenshots!

So what happens really when we upgrade to FTXG, coming from say upgraded textures, like GEX? I mean, the difference between original FSX and FTXG is obvious, big and really awesome, but how does it size to already upgraded textures? I hope this answers couple of questions out there.

Judge yourself (and I would like to read about your opinion!), but in my humble opinion, FTXG gives the sim a whole new level.


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42 Responses to From GEX to FTXG – screenshots!

  1. John Pipilas says:

    Thanks for comparison shots Kosta. In my opinion the FTXG autogen buildings and houses look more realistic. In addition, the FTXG texture colour palette just looks more immersive and life like than GEX’s texture colour palette.

  2. Gerald Stuck says:

    Thanks for sharing. This will be a future purchase for sure.

  3. Rob S says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post the pics. I just completed my GEX collection and I’m really leaning towards FTXG. Your pics are really helping. I wondered if you have any opinion on the desert areas where the airports are on a green patch. Do you consider that realistic?

    A customer brought it up on the FTX forums but they haven’t answered as of the last time I checked.

    Thanks again,

    • Kosta says:

      No, I don’t consider that realistic, however neither is it realistic in FSX with anything else but photographic scenery.
      There will ALWAYS be some compromises in FSX when it comes to general scenery. The only way to product real-to-life scenery is if FTX makes a region or by using photographic scenery. I am not a FSX scenery maker, but I reckon general textures have only so many region different colors. But concerning the folder contains 33,000!! textures, I think FTXG does a good job *in general*. There are always regions looking worse, but I think as a global upgrade, it’s quite well.

      I read all those posts and find JV pretty much right, as the dude out there calling his work “an abomination”, personally I would have reacted the same way.

      The price is steep, but if you are a global flyer, heavies et al, then this is the right product IMO.

      • Rob S says:

        Very good. Thanks for the reply. I’m 97% certain I will buy it, as your comparison pics show that FTXG looks much better. But as I said, I just completed the GEX library and everything runs smooth. 3% of me is afraid of something going wrong with the install. Haha. But I’ll probably do it once I have a free day for myself so I follow the steps slowly and correctly. Thanks again for you reply. Looking forward to more FSX related updates 🙂

  4. b247ng says:

    And for those who think FTX Global is expensive:

    FTX global cost just like only 2 GEX (or UTX) regions… To cover whole world with GEX would be at least 230$(and this is not whole world, some regions are “coming soon” – additional purchase, of course). Now, how much cost to cover allmost whole world with GEX + UTX? UTX has approximately same price like GEX, so at least 500$!

    And if you want to install this in P3D you need to buy separate version which is the same, but you need to pay twice!

    Do you still think FTX global is expensive?

    • Kosta says:

      Amen to that!

      • charles says:

        +1 I own GEX and most FTX regions. FTXG was worth the $91 USD. Never going back to GEX. ORBX will continue to refine the product. Their track record is proof of that.


  5. dogtrack says:

    Inclined to agree with you Kosta FTXG looks the better of the two. More natural I think the term is.
    I don’t use either package myself, prefering dedicated scenery packages and fly within their envelopes (NA & EU) only. For those who prefer to fly “longhaul” however, it looks a no brainer.

    • Kosta says:

      Agreed. If you are more of a GA flyer, then regions are probably better solutions, but for commercial, definitely better.

  6. Tobias says:

    Well what an absolute difference it makes to FSX takes it to whole new level, definitely one of the major, If not the biggest improvement to FSX

  7. Emin says:

    Very good pictures Kosta. Thanks for comparison. I had one GEX region but I didn’t even bother to re-install it when I formatted my fsx installation. Never liked it from beginning.
    FTXG looks way better than GEX and cost effective.

  8. Simak says:

    I’ve also got FTXG installed and like it a lot.

    However, the ‘green desert’ thing is a bit of a nuisance. When you are flying across central Spain or a Greek Island in August and down there it is as green as Ireland or Northern Germany after a rain shower it is a bit of an immersion breaker. There are also a bit too many northern-style needle trees in the Caribbean for my taste.

    Still beats default FSX and GEX by a country mile.

    • Kosta says:

      The problem is not FTXG textures, because go into Sahara and tell me what you see… so, it does have nice yellow sand. But the FTXG doesn’t come with the landclass which defines that portion of the world as a desert. Or FSX doesn’t include such type of textures as per default (eg. there is no class of textures available for textures that might in on the places you named).

  9. alain says:

    Hey! Kosta, long time no talk, will you tell us here why you want to uninstall FTXG following your post at Orbx ? I know you as a fair man (I may not have been fair to you in the past) so would you explained in details why you came up with such a decision?

    Thank you,


    • Kosta says:

      Hi Alain!

      The primary reason was for testing purposes. Me being a person wanting to know exactly what and how, a piece of software which installs into FSX, changes core files, and then doesn’t allow me to remove it and see if the reason for the possible fault is that scenery, is practically a no-go for me. But alas, I found a way (although highly impractical) to disable it (see my post on Orbx forums), and this will be fine until they bring out an uninstaller, or disabler.

      Partly I wanted a refund, because one of my airports has shown trees, but Holger explained it fairly well, and while this is only a one scenery, there are many other airports I checked which work well.

      The issue with UTX industrial pisses me off of course, however I do now understand that issue too: the texture is utx custom, and while it fits nicely into a bright GEX scenery, it sticks out in the more real FTXG scenery. Live with it, or just throw it out. A compromise, nothing else.

      Anyway, FTXG apparently works fine with most, I also understand what NickN is going about on Simforums, but as long as FTXG plays along with my current and newer sceneries, and they bring out inespensive OLCs (which should be after 100bux scenery!!!), I’m ok with it.

      • alain says:

        Hey! Kosta, was there not another reason for your uninstall?.. Quote” I am uninstalling FTXG, partly for testing reasons, partly because it seemingly destroys parts of my simulator, and that without my knowledge” .end of quote.

        There is other sceneries having problems with FTXG, here is a link

        See, I got tagged as being a Orbx hater, not by you, but by other simmers for telling it like it is, I just want to show both side of the coin regardless of what one want to do, does FTXG look good on screen….I have to say yes, but the thing is that there is more going on in the background and some simmers (probably not related to Orbx in any way ;o) ) are overing over these facts like they don’t exist, the quote below is from the article in the link I posted to you, I’ve been saying this for at least two months before Orbx released FTXG and that’s what should scary to all simmers..

        Quote ” To me, the FTX Global is trying to play the role of The Ring — the one ring that tries to rule the others all.” end of quote.

        Be safe flying Kosta,


      • Kosta says:

        Hi Alain,
        Yes, my above post was pretty outright. I was a bit pissed with FTXG breaking some of my addons, and honestly, I still am. I am waiting for JV to come back next week, to discuss it with him.
        Thank you for the link, it is an eye-opener.
        I don’t really care how people tag me, I have *my* opinions, and they will remain mine. I will openly post my thought on what is what. I am not interested in income or outcome, what I care about is revealing the stuff as it is to the simmers, so that THEY know where they are. I have no interests in protecting my/any company as NickN or JV does.
        I am aware that ORBX FTXG does more behind the scenes than they let on, BUT, ORBX has always been about making the FSX world look better, that is a fact. In what way, a different story though…
        FTXG came out as a “simple” texture replacement, but in the end, changed the core how FSX works. As I said, I am waiting for JV to discuss it with him, before I give any final opinion. The fact that it changes a lot in the sim somewhat bugs me, but in the end, if it is for the best, I will let it be. I have to do more searching around in the sim, I am currently not at home, but again at the end of the week. I will need a bit time to look everything up. Already started and checked couple of airports and could not find any defects. I will check the destinations proposed on the website above, some addons I do have.
        Thanks for the input!
        Best regards

      • Kosta says:

        Btw… I just checked LPMA. No errors in my sim.

  10. alain says:

    Hey! Kosta,

    Great post, with the released of FTXG Orbx changed FSX visually, no doubts about that, but at what price?
    You may not have a problem with your airports (or one so far as you mentioned) or with other products but what else can happen since the FSX/FDK is not followed as intended, furthermore lets speculate and play devils advocate here for a minute, let say that some or a lot of developers are welling to give Orbx what’s needed for their add on to play nice with FTXG, what’s stopping Orbx in let say three to four years down the road to change something else in FSX core and tell others developers that they will cease they cooperation with them (after getting more and more simmers in their circle) and go their own way, or unless they are welling to pay a small fee for Orbx to let them play in their sand box?

    Can this happen? Are you welling to bet on that? Simmers were told that at release FTXG will come with a uninstaller and be DX10 compatible (they could not see why it would not be) but guess what, no uninstaller and not fully DX10 compatible at release, what else can we believe?

    If the speculations above happen the real losers here will be the simmers that have invested money in a bunch of add on that may or may not work anymore because of problems between developers or just because Orbx decided that they want to play alone.

    And just to make everything clear, I have nothing against somebody wanting to use FTXG, to each his own, I just want to make sure that peoples who are not that savvy in the way an add on like FTXG may work in the background are aware of this so they can make an informed decision.

    Keep us up to date with your finding after talking to JV, to be scared to ask the hard questions.

    Talk later,


    • Kosta says:

      You are correct. I actually knew this, but honestly didn’t give it much thought.
      There are two questions open:
      Even if ORBX changed the core files, does this really mean that other developers must obey “their” rules, or can they still go about creating addons according to SDK and still be compatible with FTXG?
      It is indeed a valid question, and I also fear what might happen if ORBX takes over the sim and actually does what you suggest.

      For me, it is as simple as this: ORBX releases products under their own rules. They are certainly allowed to do so. If other addons now, OR later down the road have problems working with their scenery(ies), it must be stated clear, either by them OR 3rd party sites, with the hope that simmers will be able to read it and understand what they are geting themselves into.

      However, if it were my company, and I were JV, I would honestly do the same thing. Business is business, and keeping it going would be my primary interest.

      The problem is, how you midly put it, that people will see ORBX products, they are virtually currently the most appealing set of textures for FSX/P3D, and simmer beginners will probably mostly go there, as they offer usually AIO solutions – regions and FTXG.

      My wish would only be that they certainly put that uninstaller out, and either put out a time-limited demo (say 30days, like Aivlasoft is doing for example) or simply tell simmers through the installation process that the product changes many core files of flightsim and might render some addons useless.

      Furthermore, I got an answer I believe that there were enough discussions on the forums about the core file changes – IMHO, that is NOT ENOUGH!! You can’t expect users to read forums before they buy the product.

      Anyhow… I’ll see how this gets on.

      Kind regards

      • Alain says:

        Hey! Kosta,

        You are right, to each his own, I’m just trying to educate peoples about what’s happening behind the scene when downloading FTXG, as for compatibility issue, as I said before, if you are an Orbx buyer only you won’t have any problems with their sceneries, you are good to go but if you have FTGX installed you MAY or may NOT have compatibility problems with other sceneries, your millage will vary, Orbx themselves said that they were talking with other developers to have them give what was needed to make sure their add on would be 100% compatible with FTXG, since when does other developers have to comply with something else but the FSX/SDK?

        As for them stating which add on would or would not be compatible with FTXG….why in hell would they do that if their goal is to take over FSX? It’s better (if I was them) to keep simmers in the dark until the last minute and have them install FTXG and tell them to wait for the uninstaller (that was suppose to be there at release) when ready, when ever “ready” is, later then sooner right?…have you ever heard of this “It’s not our add on causing problems, it’s something else in you FSX”….is this not the easy way out.

        And YES, they CAN change in FTXG what ever they want down the road to keep who ever they want in their circle (sand box).


      • Kosta says:

        Well, ok, so what do you propose? You say they are not keeping to the SDK… what if it’s not possible, ever considered that?

    • Kosta says:

      Btw. Alain, none of those errors reported on that site with FTXG appear on my FSX. I simply installed FTXG over everything (of course, I have a full imaged backup of my FSX, never run without it). However, the small island addon with the wrong runways, that I don’t have, and Santorini also not.
      However no shadows and no problems at Madeira. And also Santorini as default and that little island, all OK.

      Here is a thing about Santorini though: it installs it’s default autogen (white houses). I read somewhere on Aerosoft that people after installing it, had white houses around the planet. Maybe they fixed it, don’t know. But so much for an addon impacting something else…

      • Alain says:

        Agree that some add on can cause problems, but when a new add on is installed and you are seeing problems you never saw before arriving to the conclusion that the new add on is causing the problem is a no brainer to me.

      • Kosta says:

        Maybe no brainer to you, but certainly to me. When was the last time he checked madeira, before ftxg installation?
        Les’s say for example last flight to madeira was a month ago, in the meantime installed ftxg, but also maybe another addon too or changed a setting… Who’s to say other addon or a disk sector failure or not the cause? Maybe a windows crash while fsx open, and file got corrupted? There are just too many variables. I see no error at the madeira addon.
        It’s just poor practice to start throwing errors on ftxg, without knowing the real reason, and the best way for that is a clean simulator installation, with only addons you want to test. I do that with p3d usually.

  11. Alain says:


    I agree 100% with you, but what I was getting at is that if you have a stable sim. problems free (as everybody should and I assume he did make sure of that before testing FTXG as he should as his credibility is involved here) and you install a new add on (no matter which one it is) and get funny stuff appearing, drop in FPS or error you never experienced before you can assume that the new add on is the cause of it, best thing to do is to uninstall it and see if the same error or problems appear again, if they don’t you have your answer.

    FTXG it’s not a simple thing to uninstall if you don’t know what to do, you and some others who are savvy in this kind of things are ok with uninstalling it, but for others who do not know the in and out of that kind of stuff you are screwed unless you do a full reinstall of FSX or live with the FTXG problems until a uninstaller is available if ever , and if you have a bunch of add on to reinstall….you can spend a LOT of time just doing so.

    If you use your method of a vanilla FSX to test a add on you can’t tell if the said add on will play well with others as you only have the testing one installed.
    Now can you imagine if some other developers start doing the same thing, let say Aerosoft change the core file for their own agenda and their add on don’t play well with others including Orbx’s one or if PMDG does the same thing with their planes to include only theirs and exclude others when you fly one of theirs, now you will have to stick with one developers only in fear of other add on not working properly with others… you remember how I got laugh at when I was posting on Avsim’s forum about Flight…was I off the mark…I was spot on cause I knew somebody who knew the sister of the office’s cleaning maid at.. I’m telling you the same now (my source is not the maid this time lol) ..


    • Alain says:

      I forgot to post this link here as Nick explained very well what I’m trying to explain here also,


      • Kosta says:

        I read that link already, and not only once. This is partly the reason why I started the discussions and wanted to uninstall – exactly to see what it changes.

    • Kosta says:

      Hi Alain,
      I agree with you – the uninstaller is what they should have brought out. But they did not. No reason to ponder on that any more, they said they have one in works, so just let them do that. On the note of GEX: it also doesn’t have any uninstallers, GEX is uninstalled also manually. But noone was/is yelling about that.

      “and if you have a bunch of add on to reinstall….you can spend a LOT of time just doing so.”

      If you have such a problem, like I did, you will ask on the forums and get the answer how to manually deinstall, right?

      “If you use your method of a vanilla FSX to test a add on you can’t tell if the said add on will play well with others as you only have the testing one installed.”

      Wrong. I use the method of installing the addons which might conflict with FTXG, I know really a lot when it comes to that. I won’t test each airport addon of course, but when it comes to big products like UTX, landclass products, I have some and can test them.

      I am aware that there will be chaos if every developer decides to go outside the SDK, but right now, things are fine. And neither you, nor I, nor anyone else, will stop developers from doing what they want.

  12. alain says:

    Hey! kosta,

    If you have such a problem, like I did, you will ask on the forums and get the answer how to manually deinstall, right?
    Yes, but we can’t expected everybody to read a forum before buying a product to make sure to go back and ask how to uninstall if they want to because there is no warning screen when installing a product

    I am aware that there will be chaos if every developer decides to go outside the SDK, but right now, things are fine. And neither you, nor I, nor anyone else, will stop developers from doing what they want.
    We can’t do nothing about what they are doing and you are right about that but we can educate peoples about what’s going on under the hood of FTXG using your blog for example so all simmers can make an educated decision, I just want to make sure you understand that this (for me) is not about FTXG vs GEX, it’s about what you described earlier at Orbx’s forum and why you wanted FTXG out of your PC, Quote” I am uninstalling FTXG, partly for testing reasons, partly because it seemingly destroys parts of my simulator, and that without my knowledge” end of quote, if this is not enough of a valid reason to warn peoples I don’t know what will constitute a valid one, I would not have any problems what so ever with this product if you could switch back and fort like you were able to do so before under FTX, there is a reason why you don’t see this button anymore after installing FTXG and it’s not just by omission on their part trust me.

    You “kinda” are like me Kosta (not as good looking though), you call a spade a spade regardless of who’s right or wrong and you are not afraid to do so.

    Keep the good work going,


    • Kosta says:

      “We can’t do nothing about what they are doing and you are right about that but we can educate peoples about what’s going on under the hood of FTXG using your blog for example so all simmers can make an educated decision”

      That was from beginning exactly my intention. However, making uneducated posts is the last thing I will do. First I was to clarify couple of questions, and rest assured, I will make a post which will clarify stuff from my viewpoint, which has and always will be simmers viewpoint. I have into FTX as a company no interest, however I will not seek quarrel with anyone.

      “(not as good looking though),”

      Dream on 😉

      Oh btw. today: 900m upwards with a bike 😉

  13. alain says:

    Hey! Kosta, nice bike, who’s the chick…kidding you don’t have to answer that.

    You may find this interesting, that may shed some light on questions you may have.

    Stay safe flying,


    • Kosta says:

      That would be my dear, no problem 😉

      That thread… whoa. I will read it when I get a little time, started now, but it’s really long discussion. And probably getting longer by the minute!

  14. Skyhawk says:

    Goodness the Alain Needle anti-Orbx train is here already.

    Why does Alain care so much if he doesn’t use the product? Is that he got banned way-back-when and needs an outlet? Even Avsm banned him for being so over the top in his obvious agenda

    Or is it out of some sort of goodness of his heart, protecting the weak and helpless flight simmers.

    • Kosta says:

      I find both Alain and NickN right in their positions about FTXG. They do have valid points, and what could be born out of the whole agenda, is actually terrible.

      But, I did not take any steps, I am waiting still a bit to be contacted by JV, as I want to clarify couple of points before blurting out what I think of it, as it may inadvertently either damage simmers and the community or the company.

  15. Emin says:

    Dear Kosta, afaik FTX products never had an uninstaller. This could be a company policy but not a unique one (as you mentioned GEX has also no uninstaller).
    I bet they didn’t think it’s necessary for FTXG as well. They’ve started to make one after seeing lot of people like you actually wanting it. It’s a good thing that they hear what people say.
    Other than this, I don’t believe they’ve hidden agenda to take over FsX. Their vision and effort keeping long dead piece of software very much alive these days. I am grateful for that.

    • Kosta says:

      All ORBX region products offer a switch. Not an uninstaller, but a switch, and after the switch, you can easily manually uninstall – a guide is provided.
      GEX has a full uninstaller (restore) and a GEX uninstaller.
      Yes, I respect they want to make the best of it, however not the way they are doing is right… If they had offered a switch, noone would have said anything. It is essential to simmers having lots of addons, when they are looking for error causes!

      • alain says:

        Hey! Kosta,
        I saw your post on simforums, good one, I know that when it come to the bare and down to earth subject you are a straight shooter (as your two last reply here show) and you don’t let anybody kill the messenger because they don’t like the message.

        Everybody can read the conversations you (I) had with Nick posted on the link I provided above and see that there is NO AGENDA/Orbx from me, still they can’t see it for what it is as they will have to admit the truth, trying to educate peoples on what the FTXG really does (as you experienced it yourself) is what should be the point, and that include GEX or any other addons, and if you ever talk to JV please let us know what will transpire from your conversation.

        Keep the good work,


      • Emin says:

        Don’t get me wrong. I also support the idea of yours. I believe they should provide a default switch not just uninstaller. I read your postings on Ftx forum as well.
        I just don’t like tone of voice and conpiracy theories of their competitors (you know who). Obviously, some people waged open war against Orbx and trying to stirr things up unnecessarily.

      • Kosta says:

        I know what you mean.
        I try to stay neutral on that subject. For now.

  16. AndreasK. says:

    Kosta geia sou kai Kali xronia. I got a question…. Is ftx does the same with fsgenesis & scenerytech? Im a litte confused with all these sceneries… Thanks.

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