EZCA doesn’t like VSYNC

Today I discovered yet another annoyance, present in both FSX and P3D.

We all know the EZCA Camera system, and that you can set yourself presets to change the views, both in cockpit and outside. Always been using this system for changing VC view from panel to panel via keyboard keys. But there was always this stutter present between the changes, mostly happening, and sometimes not. And it is mostly happening in the NGX, as it is the most CPU intensive.

Decided to grumble a bit about it today, and with a little bit of trial and error I found out what EZCA doesn’t like: VSYNC!

Turn the VSYNC off, and see how the transitions between the views become smooth, turn it back on, occasional stutters between changes. Not that it bothers me much, I only wanted to clear it up for those who had the same problem!

Beware, that the 1/2 refresh vsync I have in my setup is there for a reason: it eliminates micro-stuttering in the FSX and P3D, however P3D is here much better than FSX in full screen. It is smoother by itself, so maybe those who use P3D might consider it (tearing will appear too).

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18 Responses to EZCA doesn’t like VSYNC

  1. Jim says:

    Do these micro stutters also happen when panning your view? I get that a lot but probably due to not using the vsync. It always seemed a little dangerous to me to use it so I live with those stutters (used to them) but it never really hurt my performance, at least as far as I know.

    • Kosta says:

      Yes, of course. I believe I explicitly stated that in my guide.

      ” It always seemed a little dangerous to me to use it”


      • Jim says:

        Yeah and I read your guide about that feature so I guess I need to ask what kind of framerate hit would I take on using this tweak? When I said dangerous, I was referring to how that section seemed a little unclear and I didn’t want to risk screwing it up in the cfg. The section has a lot of description nut isn’t blatently written as to how the verbage should be placed in the cfg. Maybe it’s just me.

      • Kosta says:

        No framerate hit if you are using 30fps locked inside FSX and your monitor refresh is 60 (which most likely is).

        I tried to write it as clean as possible. I strongly suggest you try the full screen vsync tweak. Just set the 1/2 refresh in the nvidia inspector and try your FSX. There is nothing else needed.

      • Jim says:

        Cool. Gotcha. Thanks.

      • Jim says:

        The vsync setting seemed to make an improvement…thanks!

      • Kosta says:

        Nice, I’m glad!

  2. Gerald Stuck says:


    Is that turning it off at the fsx.cfg or through the NVidia control panel or N. Inspector? Thanks from this novice.

  3. Luke says:

    I think I’m currently at a sweet spot with P3D at the moment. Have the FPS set to unlimited within P3D, but using Inspector’s frame limiter (which works much better than the old FPS external limiter for me). Force v-sync in the P3D cfg (although I think this isn’t needed with P3D) and in full-screen mode, overall I get the best stutter-free (literally next to no stutters or microstutters) experience I’ve had so far. For some reason I get quite bad microstutters/stutters in turns using full-screen windowed mode (much worse in P3D than I get with FSX). EZCA transitions ok for me, it’s mostly at the start, before the camera moves, I get a small stutter.

    • Kosta says:

      While I will admit that unlimited has some advantages, it has one disadvantage: if your FPS drop below 30fps it will do two nasty things:
      – scenery will or might blur when in a heavy situation
      – more stutters than when on limited + vsync
      However, it will produce higher FPS in general, maybe not even putting you below 30fps.

      • Luke says:

        Yeah, the blurries I haven’t noticed – it’s one thing I looked out for when changing it and with LOD 6.5 I don’t really see a change in that respect. I’ve only noticed the FPS dropping below 30 when in a cloud – which I imagine is a combination of 1440p and 4xS not getting along (although, I do have a GTX 770). If only there were a 2xS option in Inspector (is there?) as I’d put that on in an instant. I don’t notice much difference between 8xS and 4xS on this monitor (1440p on a 27″, the high PPI clearly is the reason for this) but I’d be interested to see what 2xS looked like – but I don’t think it’s possible with Inspector.

      • Kosta says:

        No, it’s not. I use 8xS, and I see quite a big difference between various modi, and also if I have SGSS on or not.
        And also using 27inch 2560×1440.

      • Luke says:

        I definitely see a massive difference between SGSS and non-SGSS – the only real difference I see with 8xS and 4xS is the rather large performance difference. Do you not get quite a hefty FPS drop when using 8xS?

      • Kosta says:

        Hi Luke,
        In two test situations, 4xS vs 8xS made a FPS difference less than 5%.
        However, the visual quality, especially externally on the aircraft is for me a big difference. When looking at wing edges, slats, I see more jaggies with 4xS.
        Even my hardcore test-scenario with clouds produces 24fps with 4xS and 23fps with 8xS.

  4. Luke says:

    Hi Kosta,

    Sorry to post this here, it’s slightly irrelevant. Is the best way to set up v-sync for P3D just to put ForceWindowedVSync = 1 in the CFG, use Aero view and set Inspector to 1/2 refresh rate (as far as I know there’s no need to restart dwm due to P3D compatibility with aero) and having FPS locked to 30 in P3D (monitor is 60Hz)?

    I ask because I, unfortunately, get a lot more noticeable tearing and stutters (especially during turns) using windowed mode as opposed to full-screen, but due to having dual monitors and needing the second for work purposes during flying I’m bound to windowed mode.

    If you’ve got any ideas on what else I could test I’d appreciate it.


    • Kosta says:

      Indeed, the cfg entry is the only thing needed in p3d for windowed. However, windowed, even in fsx, with proper setup, shows more stutters than full screen. It cannot be the same as full screen.
      For p3d I have 2 things set up: cfg entry and NI set to 1/2 refresh.

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