I would like to use this one year anniversary of my blog, 350,000 hits and couple of hundred registered users on the page to thank every single user out there, both who helped me achieve what I managed to do, and whom I helped further. This is one and single reason for having this site.

And just a little announcement, I can’t say what it is exactly or when, but there’s something big coming up in the coming weeks… stay tuned 😉

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30 Responses to 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – THANK YOU!!!

  1. Fred says:

    Thanks Kosta for this Blog. A lot of good informations for a maximum pleasure in simulation !

  2. zoran says:

    well done, you helped me out a lot

  3. Jim says:

    Congrats Kosta, quite an achievement. So this big thing coming…does it have to do with something with a 7 in it? lol

  4. John M. Helms says:

    Congrats Kosta and keep up the great work…
    John H.

  5. John Henkel ( Johnman ) says:

    CONGRATULATIONS KOSTA – Keep it coming !! – patiently awaiting Your announcement !!


  6. peter says:

    well done Kosta 350.000 hit really great ,Something big on the way ? dont tell me you finally bought “Avsim “,or could it be V2 of something beginning with P,?
    all the best

  7. Francisco Mateos says:

    Thanks Kostas

  8. Necmi says:

    Danke Kosta,
    Mit deinen hilfe läuft unser fsx flüssig weiter so…

  9. Jerry says:

    Master and Sensei Kosta – You Rock!!


  10. dogtrack says:

    Many happy returns & TY.

  11. Claudio says:

    Thank you Kosta for all the advice that you give us to get the best from this wonderful hobby.
    Best Regards
    Roma Italy

  12. Kosta, you are by far a great guy in helping me with FSX, many Thanks!!

  13. Paul F says:

    Dear Kosta, Hi. Congratulations on your one year anniversary, you are a huge help for us Simmers. I have a question; I recently installed 2 FSX add-on programs to use with FSX. After installing, I lost all my saved flight plans in the Flight Planner. I uninstalled the 2 add-on programs thinking it would resolve my problem and restore my saved flight plans in Flight Planner, it did not solve my problem. Is there any suggestions to recover my lost saved flight plans in Flight Planner? I had about 30 saved flight plans, and it will be time consuming to reinstall. Should I do a System Restore or is there something else I can do? Thank You, Paul

    • Kosta says:

      The saved flight plans in the FSX Flight Planner are to my knowledge in My Documents\Flight Simulation X, so look there or look into restoring that folder.

      • Paul F says:

        Dear Kosta, Hi. I checked in My Docs/FSX folder and my flight plans are not there. I also tried system restore, and that did not work. I believe those add-on programs imported my flight plans and when I uninstalled the [programs I lost my flight plans. If I install FS Recorder for FSX, will that add-on program change any of my FSX files, flight plans, saved flights, or config files? Thank You, Paul.

      • Paul F says:

        Dear Kosta, Hi. I was able to find my saved flight plans on my external hard drive. Thank goodness for weekly backups. I was able to load all flight plans into my FSX folder and recover.
        I have a questions; After I performed my system restore to bring back my PC to a time everything worked fine, I now notice that when I do free flights only, I get intermittent jerky, stuttering flights where the flight stops briefly and then resumes. Do you have any suggestions to correct this issue. I read your tweaks but cannot find a solution. Thanks, Paul.

      • Kosta says:

        Well Paul, I never use system restore, for it unreliability when it comes to restoring everything.
        I make Acronis backups and this is what I restore. The system to full previous state. Anything else is half the story.
        You’ll have to hunt your problem down, and just try the typical stuff… drivers, shaders, modules, etc…

  14. Thomas says:

    Kosta, would you be able to tell me how to setup my GFX card to handle AI aircraft with mipmap textures that wont result in Blurries, i have a Nvidia GFX card, followed your guide but still get blurred textures from a distance…only sharpen up when really really close to the aircraft in question..

    • Kosta says:

      I played with that a *long* time ago.
      I am in no way an AI specialist, so, sorry.
      I use IVAO MTL models for my AI on VATSIM via FSINN, and all look great!

  15. paulc327 says:

    Congrats Kosta! Your blog has been a great help to me. As I have become a little more familiar with the FS online community over the last few months I have laughed heartily at all of the useless discourse that has been wasted talking about EULAs and who’s guide belongs to who and who can belong to what forum etc. I’m so glad you decided to to create this little bevy of information after you got kicked out of the nerd club. Concise, clear and without the prima donna hangups that exist over at Avsim. Keep up the good work!

  16. Harry says:

    Congrats, Kosta. Your valuable comments and guides in this blog (and in forums) are indispensable for us flightsim enthusiasts. Thank you!

  17. Emin says:

    Congrats, Kosta. Always appreciate your guides and comments for you provide them not only for fsx but for P3d too. I made this site to bookmark of mine and many other friends in last year. Thanks for the hard work.

  18. Jürgen says:

    Danke für diesen genialen Blog! Dank Deinen Tipps läuft mein FSX so wie er soll.
    Grüße aus Österreichs Westen

  19. Phil says:

    Hi Kosta,
    You are one of the big cats in the FSX community.
    Your tuning guide was a massive help for me especially the 1/2 vsync find.
    Looking forward to what exciting news you have mate.


  20. John Pipilas says:

    Hmmm Orbx has made an announcement about a new yet undisclosed product for this weekend. Wonder if Kosta already knows about it? Anyways thanks for sharing your knowledge to help others achieve sim happiness!!

  21. DoubleJ says:

    It’s P3D 2.0…..well this oughta be interesting!

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