TextInfo in FSX.cfg

Here’s one little thing I wanted to share with those interested in making FSX maybe a little less annoying. Something that has always bothered me, was the shift+z function, a kind of having to cycle through 4 views always to make a full cycle and hide it.

So I made my own, custom views and it is basically turn on / turn off. If you want to try this out, replace ALL TextInfo’s in your FSX.cfg with these two:



The same settings apply to Prepar3D!!

Have fun!!

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19 Responses to TextInfo in FSX.cfg

  1. dogtrack says:

    Nice one thanks

  2. Richard says:

    Great tip, thanks for sharing!

    I already did some customization adding the average FPS counter but haven’t thought of going “this far” 😉 but will give it a try.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. GStuck says:

    Plan on trying this today. But please explain the buttons to get the custom views, ie. I just care about wind, frame rate, and coordinates. Thanks to this neophyte.


  4. GStuck says:

    Sorry, meant to say “Thanks from this neophyte.” 🙂

  5. Steve says:

    Thank you! Great stuff! Has anyone figured out how to change windspeed to a 3 digit value? I am using FS Global Real Weather and they have jetstreams very accurately. Once windspeed is faster than 99knots, FSX displays 99kts only and not the actuall value above that. Any ideas? THX!

  6. Bob K says:

    Very nice, Thank You. Sure would like to change the COLOR of this message, too.

  7. Sabre. says:


    Good tip, Kosta

  8. Lloyd says:

    Hi Kosta thank you for nice tweak. I have a question,I can only see RED TEXT displayed in slew mode cycling through with shift+z but in normal mode its not showing. Do you know what could be wrong.Thanks

    Kind Regards


    • Richard says:

      There are separate entries in fsx.cfg labeled Text.info vs Slew.info I’LL, guess you modified the latter mistakenly.

  9. Ejaz says:

    is this work for Core2duo PC, i have 4GB RAM, 3.2GHz Processor and 1 GB Graphics card by Gegabyte, and im facing OOM error 😦

  10. Daniel says:

    kosta you my last hope
    my pc:
    i5 4690
    and 1TB for all another stuff(sim installed on this hard drive)
    ok and now for a problem:
    when i used aerosoft a320 extended version i had around 40fps drop to 30min(fps locked on sim on 40) last week i bought the new version of aerosoft a320/21 and all my graphic changed that mean the ground looks so ugly it is so blurry
    i used rex orbox ftx and opuse when i used a320 extended this addons was on it and all was great
    please if you can help me it will be great i really dont know what do to i tweaked my cfg and not touch it all happened after i installed this aircraft with other diff ones the graphic back to normal

    • Kosta says:

      Daniel, please understand that I don’t do personal assistance. What I can tell you from what you wrote me is that the quickest way to working sim is simply reinstall. Cleaning it up and searching for a problem is, for someone less knowledgeable (and I reckon that is your problem since you can’t find the cause), way too time consuming without success-guarantee.
      What you can try off the beat of my heart:
      – delete fsx.cfg
      – delete shaders (%appdata% local folder)
      – temporarily deactivate scenery and modules, maybe even temporarily remove all aircraft but the one you want to test + one default aircraft (I usually use MS C172)
      – make sure your startup situation is the one with the *started* C172

      Good luck!

      • Daniel says:

        thank you kosta i decided to install fsx again and aircraft i use only airbus of aerosoft not any other addons of aircraft strange but yes 🙂

  11. Kosta says:

    Daniel, you *have* to start up FSX with a default aircraft (C172 is the lightest one). This is a must, if you want to avoid problems.

    • Daniel says:

      actually when it all happened i take the c172(dif) and saw that all working but after i change to the airbus all sucks so tomorrow i start the reinstall of the sim and start put on him the addons(rex,orbox etc..) and see what is going on may be i need just reinstall it and all will be fine another question may be the new version of airbus take more power from the extended and if yes should it strange things like what i described you?

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