And now for something a little bit different…

Yeah, I still did have some real life obligations, like a new job, new shop management, but now you know why I have been so busy lately… some 200 beta-posts later and countless hours at figuring stuff out…

With a very nice team of many FSX/P3D developers and LM developers, we have some really interesting times behind us, and still ahead of us, but let’s leave the talking and let you enjoy for a change!!

PREPAR3D V2 Official Screenshots!!!

















Now, how about that? 😉

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56 Responses to And now for something a little bit different…

  1. Ray Selby says:

    Looks fabulous!

  2. Hightower says:

    Wow that looks sweet. Love the fog. And the water looks a whole lot better. How is the performance?

  3. Kosta says:

    Actually very decent considering what this sim delivers in terms of graphics. However, that part of the discussion, comparisons and technicalities, is still in works and will be posted in couple of days I reckon. No promises though when :).

    • Hightower says:

      Great to hear. Of course not expecting perfection. As long as backwards compatibility exists (which we all want) then there will always be the old limitations that exist to some degree. Nonetheless the visuals look fantastic.

      • Kosta says:

        While we were doing beta, I can only tell you for now, as there were many developers for the community there, LM attempted to meet any incompatibility with previous addons, so that we might have the best compatibility possible.
        But there are limitations, and for example, default 737 has problems with dawn/dusk shadowing as it doesn’t have something P3Dv2 has (can’t put this into technical terms). But there are other aircraft I were able to port and use directly, so a big compatibility exists!

  4. Richard says:

    Looks very nice indeed!

  5. Yair Ben-Ad says:

    …. looks so cool 🙂

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  8. Scott Gabriel says:

    Wow! A sim that acknowledges the moon as a source of illumination at night! Novel!

    Still, I’m not happy unless I can see the stars THROUGH the terrain and beneath the horizon…

  9. markfire says:

    Hi Kosta. Nice shots.
    On a slightly different note, do you know if we get native support for multiple PC/screens (wide view) with release 2. It would be great to be able to configure the server and clients out of the box (aka XP10)? I know there is a very complicated way to achieve this in 1.4 but I didn’t get very good results with it. The only other downside with 1.4 was Vatsim integration, although I never played with it for long after I got FSX performing superbly using your tweaks.

    Keep up the good work mate


    • Kosta says:

      I can’t really comment on that yet, next week will potentially release more technical aspects of the sim.
      The discussion is limited to the visual aspect of the sim for now.

  10. Claudio says:

    Hello Kosta beautiful photos, I await patiently v.2 P3D, as the final exit.
    Hello and thank you always

  11. daniel M. says:

    Looks liks FSX…

    • Kosta says:

      You are right, it is in fact FSX when it comes to textures, mesh, roads, the look of the world.
      In P3Dv2, the LM team attempted the move from the CPU-only driven flight simulator to the GPU-driven, or at least partly.
      As you can visually ascertain, the textures are the same as in 1.4 and those are pretty much the same as FSX.
      The visual part of the sim is the added HDR lighting, which is much like ENB bloom, but IMO, way better, and I might be tweakable too. Performance is also better than FSX bloom ever was.
      And then there is new water, shadowing+reflections system and ground tessellation, in which the shadows are actually casted by the objects, and not simply stenciled onto the polygon. Ever seen missing shadows in FSX on uneven objects? Shouldn’t actually be an issue in P3Dv2, but this is an ongoing testing. Maybe I’ll have something for you soon 😉

      • Randy says:

        Now that you mention tessellation mmm i know herd that word some where . Does it have an option on Nvidia Inspector or AMD Catalyst for tessellation ? An can we finally use that option? Also don’t mean to start AMD VS Nvidia War but will AMD finally have a chance with P3D V2 in performance both GPU an CPU or will Nvidia remain as the recommended GPU for flight sim period?

      • Kosta says:

        All I can say is that they worked towards evening the odds =)

  12. Greg G says:

    Does not look like FSX to me. The sky, fog, lighting, and reflections look great. I think I see snow…that actually looks like snow. Very nice set of shots, thanks.

  13. Paolo says:

    daytime colors are customizable or are they by default?
    They are horrible, as the worst ENB.

    • Kosta says:

      The sim you see here is full default with HDR enabled. The 2nd post is FTXG installed.
      But, REX-Team is also onboard, as far as I know, they are working on the P3Dv2 compatible REX.
      I am sure there will be more customizing options soon, as the v2 evolves. This is just a beginning.
      The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  14. bonchie says:


    All those shots are dawn/dusk and the one daytime one is on a dreary day. He’s showing off the new lighting.

    • Kosta says:

      Exactly. The daytime is, well, ordinary. I really like the dawn and dusk shots as they mostly show-off what the new lighting and shadowing system can do.

  15. Paolo says:

    Autogen popping?

    • Kosta says:

      None. 🙂 (or better said, very very little, and only if you look very up close!)

      • Richard says:

        What about cloud popping?

      • Kosta says:

        Didn’t notice any. However didn’t test with real weather engines yet, and these do cause popping as it is up to the engine and not simulator.
        The good news is though that P3D are working with lots of developers from the community, which is exactly what is needed.

      • Richard says:

        Ok, sounds good 🙂

      • Paolo says:

        Oh, this is a good news! 🙂

      • Afterburner says:

        And what about cloud thickness and the problem of being able to see the ground when you fly through cloud sprites (as it was present in FS9 and FSX)?

      • Kosta says:

        Well, cloud thickness is basically the same system as in FSX. This hasn’t been changed. Cloud system has been, according to LM, tweaked a bit.

        Not sure about see-through, I’ll check it when I fire it up next time.

  16. Mike says:

    How about ATC and AI, any updates at all?

    • Kosta says:

      The goal of v2, as already mentioned countless times, was to undergo the complete engine rework, basically moving from the old legacy code to the modern graphics engine.

  17. Mike says:

    All nice and good with engine rework, much needed. Would have been nice with an update to the ageing ATC database, airspace and so on however, thats all I’m saying!

    • Kosta says:

      Like any dev team, their resources, time and personnel is limited, and can do only some things at once. After you think about it how big the FSX is and the whole ecosystem, you will realize that it can’t be done so quickly. But when someone starts working on it, and P3D team has been doing that for the past year, it will only go forward. Once they create a good base for the sim, changing what’s on top will not be a problem. But you can’t start changing things from the top, I am sure you realize that…

  18. Mike says:

    Naturally and I will pass on v.2 until is up to date with AI/ATC which are the areas that I care most about, but I am sure others care about graphics and such and I am happy they get what they want.

    • Richard says:

      Hi Mike!

      If ATC and the traffic around you is where you have your main interest you should really try flying online on either of the online networks (Vatsim and IVAO) if you haven’t already.

      Doing an online flight in a busy online airspace is extremely close to the real thing and light-years ahead of any non-live ATC.

      • Kosta says:

        I agree, Richard, VATSIM for me is as real as it gets, no amount of tools will make an offline flying good.

  19. Randy says:

    I am very impress . I just wish they do something with the rain ,snow,ice effect . Make the rain splash on the windshield making it a little hard to land in low visibility an also finally having to use the windshield wipers. Other than that is amazing what i see in your screenshots. Am going to purchase this from day 1 release. Thank you Kosta

    • Kosta says:

      Piece by piece. Can’t do all at once. First a solid base for modern hardware and then the rest.

      • Richard says:

        Sounds very good to me and the correct approach, I’m thrilled to find out what P3D will bring us down the road!

        Just don’t know how I will manage without my NGX (and any other addons I wouldn’t want to be without currently not compatible with P3D) but I hope there will be other equally good addons coming along.

      • Kosta says:

        No need to stop using fsx, however it will most likely very soon look very old… I bet some companies will rethink their decisions and find a way to expand their horizons.

      • Randy says:

        Yea that is true

      • Randy says:

        I just hope they come up with a box version because my internet sucks where i am now. I think is the slowest internet i ever seen. .

      • Kosta says:

        Very unlikely that’s gonna happen. The P3D is not a gaming/entertainment product, and as such can’t be boxed I think. Too expensive I reckon too.

        I suggest you find someone near you with a faster connection, download, put onto flashdrive and drive home 😉

      • Randy says:

        Thanks Kosta i will do that . I hope the provide a download manager that way i can pause it an continue . In the night the internet is kind of fast so it might take me like 3 days or so if by chance they provide an option to download it using a download manager .

      • Kosta says:

        In beta versions, there was one file to download and also split downloads, I believe it was in couple of parts, for easier download.

  20. Torkermax says:

    Hi Kosta.Hope yo are well. Seems to be some questions in regards to V2 and Vsync. How did you fine it works with V2 DX11? Any tearing issues etc? Thank you

    • Kosta says:

      Well, since at this point there is no nvidia support, but is said to be coming, maybe even up to the release, you must control via sim only. However, it is working quite well, I am seeing no problems. I can achieve smoother paning in fsx because of real full screen and 1/2 refresh, but the setting in p3dv2 is better than fsx windowed is.

  21. Otavio says:

    Kosta, this screenshots are superb, but I didnt see any information on what hardware was used..
    In P3D v2 we will have to tweak a lot. or an i7 not overclocked with a good GPU will be fine?

    • Kosta says:

      My hardware was used. Its listed on the blog.
      You will need both good cpu and gpu. The adv. features will leverage more on the gpu.

  22. Alex says:

    Great shots! Only thing that kind of disappoints me is that the night shots still look way too bright; clouds are just white in shots 8 and 15. Everything else looks awesome, especially the fog and water effects are impressive. Thanks for posting these!

    • Randy says:

      They will get better mate , or you can always use Nvidia Cpanel an change the color of your screen just like i do with FSX for night time flying 😀

  23. Altstiff says:

    Kosta, what is the best lic to get for P3D for an average user (not wanted the SDK or development). The options they have seem confusing and are also a large price range….

    • Kosta says:

      Hi Altstiff,
      Yeah, they are, however there is a nice list for what P3D is licensed so go after what you qualify for. I don’t think I’m going to get P3Dv2 for ever. I am going to get Academic, make tests and then refund it. From what I’ve seen, I don’t believe it will fit my usage, but I still have the last hope in the final version, as this one we didn’t get to test.

  24. Altstiff says:

    Haha, I am still confused! Not hard to do to be honest.

    So are you saying you will stick with the old version of P3D?

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