Can’t resist… have to sleep…

Well, I just thought, leaving you with that bad old legacy texturing, is just criminal. Shame on me… now, this is more like it!

Besides, a little bit toned down settings, for more realistic performance on a “lowly” GTX580. Details soon, don’t worry!





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16 Responses to Can’t resist… have to sleep…

  1. Thanks for getting out the quick pics Kosta! I just linked to them at my site. The world is watching you and others, hope you can shoulder the responsibility!
    Please see if you can get some ground shadow or tree shadow effects? I’m hangin out to see what the new rendering effects can do.

    • Kosta says:

      As you so sweetly pointed out on your blog, I am not a screenshooting artist, I am more of a techie guy, but I did try to give you guys some presentation of what P3Dv2 can do.
      I am sure there will be lots of posts around to all kinds of features, as my time is also limited and can’t spend countless hours at the computer šŸ˜‰ You know, there’s also a missus heheh šŸ˜‰
      Sorry for the late reply though!

  2. Alain says:

    Hi! Kosta

    Is Nvidia Inspector Vertical Sync 1/2 Refresh Rate working, any image tearing when enable?

    • Kosta says:

      Hi Alain,
      I am not allowed to comment on the technical aspects of the sim yet, sorry.
      The communication is limited to the visual aspects for now.

  3. Bill says:

    First, many thanks for all you’ve done to help those of us who enjoy this hobby.

    A couple of thoughts/suggestions for you:
    1. Your performance comparison between FSX and P3D was excellent. You might consider doing an update now that you are free to discuss P3D v2.
    2. I’m thinking about building a new PC, optimized for P3D v2 (my last PC build was years ago and, frankly, isn’t giving the performance I’d like even after following your tweaking guides). What would be your ‘dream’ configuration? My only constraint is it must support a triple-monitor display.

    • Kosta says:

      1. Yes, working on that. However, it’s not possible any more to do apples-apples comparison. In real usage, P3Dv2 leverages hardware completely differently than FSX does – an example: my CPU is running at 4.8Ghz, so my FSX will achieve say 200fps. My GPU is GTX580. So now P3Dv2 leverages more onto the GPU, which is in comparison terms not “comparable” not the CPU, and achieves “only” 100fps. So what would happen if I would stick a Titan in? Would I get 250fps? See what I mean?
      But I will try to do some close comparisons with some known addons…
      2. Well, consider that for P3Dv2, you *will* need a strong GPU with lots of VRAM. So whatever you can get here, would be recommended. They announced SLI support, maybe not with 2.0, but maybe 2.1, and that would certainly help with P3Dv2 a lot. So say 2 GTX780Ti or Titans would really be a dream scenario. How much then the P3Dv2 can pull out of that hardware is questionable, but from the experience I had for the last two months, I reckon a lot (single card, or SLI when it gets supported)…

      • Bill says:

        Good info on the GPU situation, guess I’ll need to factor that in to my budget. Maybe you can’t talk about the technical side yet, but I’ve heard hyper-threading might be supported, so wondering if a different CPU might be recommended for P3D instead of what is typically considered ‘best’ for FSX (currently considering an overclocked 4077K)

      • Kosta says:

        All I can say with P3Dv2 is stop thinking FSX and rather think about the whole computer. That is what P3Dv2 does, it really pushes the usage up. You’ll most likely need very strong CPU AND GPU.

  4. Flegma says:

    Is this FTX Global? What environment pack did you use?

    Your AA setting (judging pictures) isn’t great

    • Kosta says:

      Yes, this is only FTXG installed onto P3Dv2, nothing else.

      Concerning AA: I am using only internal AA (testing LM settings and performance) in these shots.

      • Flegma says:

        Oh, than this is good result (AA settings)
        Is there any bluries? Did you try to use it on non-O.C.-ed system?

      • Kosta says:

        Yep, the in-P3Dv2 AA is actually way better than FSX ever was. That is the point. And it performs also better than NI. However it looks worse than 8xS + 2xSGSS. That is still coming.
        The terrain is still being worked on, so I can’t comment much on that.
        Only used it on my system.

  5. Jacob says:

    Please any movie from prepare3d and more pics! I have only sen 2?

  6. Jacob Wiqvist says:

    Can you say or show anything about landing lights?

    Best regards Jacob!

    • Kosta says:

      Didn’t test them much, however I don’t think much changed from what I’ve seen. However LM is planing special things for many aspects of the sim, remains to be seen what they can conjure for landing lights…

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