New section – Mouse-Cursor FPS Drop

I created a new section in the guide about the mouse-cursor FPS drop.

Just open my guide and use the browser find text button (just use the term “mouse”, I believe a 2nd search is the right one). It’s just before my FSX settings (screenshots).

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9 Responses to New section – Mouse-Cursor FPS Drop

  1. He aint gonna publish this says:

    Interesting way to update a page.. could you give a link perhaps? 21st century and all.. Computers to make life easier,, etc… Going to and searching ‘mouse’ … what a joke!

    • Kosta says:

      No, I can’t.

      You should be thankful I give you such guide for FREE! If you don’t like or want it, feel free to go anywhere else!!

    • Alex says:

      Wow the arrogance of it. And what pray do you do for the FS world?

      • Kosta says:

        Somewhat older post, but the arrogance is the least of the problem.

        “And what pray do you do for the FS world?”
        If you can’t see it, you don’t need it.

  2. ezio says:

    Input Director is a must: I don’t think it is a largely known tool to the flightsimmers community yet it is extremely useful….Evryone using a networked configuration should use it: besides doing flawlessly what it has been designed for, it is also a very powerful tool to keep the mouse cursor out of view when you don’t need it…!. .
    Happy flying….

  3. Kosta says:

    Don’t know if you’ve read it, but I do use InputDirector. I love it, and since I discovered it, it became my Nr1 tool for networked configuration. I always hated 2nd keyboard and mouse, or remote control. Since I started searching for one keyboard/mouse combo for networked, discovered it, been using it since. And it works flawlessly with full screen FSX (doesn’t work with seamless transition, but it works well with a button transition, so I use a mouse-button for that). Excellent stuff!

  4. ezio says:

    I actually read that you use it and my post was just to confirm this is a “must have” and reinforce your message…!
    I don’t use a mouse button for transition, as my transition is “almost” seamless (just a very minor microstutter during transition when I am taxing, but nothing annoying….I use FS2Crew so the chances of using mouse during taxi are almost zero)…I also use a traditional mouse, so assigning a mouse button for the transition would not be possible…

    • Kosta says:

      Unfortunately, here, the transition effect was causing me some troubles, but I really can’t remember what. Otherwise I would have probably set it up like that. There must have been a reason 🙂
      I have the G700, with like 10 buttons or something. Really useful, as I use it also as a pan-tool in the VC, so a mouse button toggles panning. I can recommend it for everything but it’s battery life!

  5. Byron McDuffy says:

    Kosta – thanks for all you do. Don’t let the detractors get to you. They really aren’t worth the keypresses in a response. Have a great day and Happy Siming.

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