Prepar3D v2.2 is out!

And I must say, the first impression is – most impressive!!

I really don’t have much time to play with it long, there are these things called “working days”… but, two things I noticed immediately: smoother all around, when paning, or flying or turning, and way lower VAS consumption, even after loading back and forth, situation after situation, I am still at 2.1GB, which is even lower than an initial load of v2.1.

Go to LM, download and install it. I think everyone will be much surprised 🙂

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63 Responses to Prepar3D v2.2 is out!

  1. Tpkse11 says:

    This time maybe I jump from FSX to P3D. Lets see.

  2. ChaoticBeauty says:

    Yes, hearing great things about this update. Waiting for your tests!

  3. Bob Y. says:

    Well, better VAS management sounds very attractive for sure.

  4. Ian McPhail says:

    Going really well. Still has some shimmering I can’t defeat. And jaggies on aircraft lines, like flap gaps etc.
    And setting High Priority in Task Manager is still essential.
    I am using the 337.5 driver as well so maybe this makes it hard to know which is contributing most to the new look.
    Kosta, I am one of those who will be waiting for your conclusions and settings.

    • Kosta says:

      Why is setting high priority essential for you? I see no need for it in 2.2.
      I can’t really say if it’s the new driver also, since I changed both at the same time, but now I get really well balanced experience. I am still not using shadowing system and lowest water setting is my GPU is a small dinosaur by the today’s standards, but without GPU being hammered, my performance is very good, even with highest autogen and the VAS is really low.
      Maybe it’s only an appearance, but I think we now have less autogen than in 2.1. I still have 2.1 installer, I might compare.

  5. Cliff says:

    Hi Kosta, i’ve enjoyed reading your blogs for a while now. Would you say it is worth moving from a well tweaked FSX to P3D 2.2?

    • Kosta says:

      Can’t say yet really. The experience till now has shown that some addons perform better, and some perform worse.
      If you want me to answer on the base of clean FSX vs clean P3D v2.2, I would *probably* answer yes. To do that, I need to undergo some testing, for which I hope to have time this weekend. It’s not something I am able to do inside of an hour as it requires lots of loading and reloading and restarting and installing, and re-testing… So, I just need a little time to do it. And am myself very interested in results, as I have a pending OS reinstallation, and contemplating if to do W7 or W8.1.
      And if it’s worth, also depends if you can or cannot run everything you want in P3D. For example, PMDG doesn’t run in P3D. So if you are using their aircraft, you can’t use P3D.

      • Rafal says:

        Hello Kosta

        I managed install PMDG737NGX in P3Dv2.2.I used MIgratioon Tool (last version).Maybe I had some luck but it works for me. (gauges work ok).

      • Cliff says:

        Thank you Kosta! Do you know where we on tweaking P3D 2.2? Will the old FSX tweaks apply?

      • Kosta says:

        There is not much tweaking to P3D2.x. You can try setting other AM, play a bit with FFTF and sliders, but to the high extent, that’s about it. There is to my knowledge no magic, just what you see.

      • Arnold says:

        I flying the PMDG 744 / 748i in P3D 2.2 its working good

  6. VC10 says:

    I’m in the process of doing a reformat and reinstall of everything and am in the position of having a clean FSX installed and a clean P3D2 v2.2 side by side for comparison.

    FSX with the DX10 fixer and commonly used tweaks is running buttery smooth at a locked 30fps on my system, absolutely no stutters and no blurries (even flying Mach 1 at treetop height for over fifty miles all textures remain sharp). Pretty much the same for P3D2 with the exception of having slightly better eye candy (cloud shadows, non-popping autogen). Perhaps subjectively on my part FSX seems a little smoother than P3D2 where I can perhaps detect the odd stutter when I look sideways when flying low altitude and high speed.

    Bear in mind these are clean installs with no addons installed. I think a lot of the positive feedback about P3D1 and 2 comes from people comparing the performance of a totally clean and fresh install of P3D to their 2 or 3 year old FSX install that is weighed down with all sorts of addons.

    The litmus test will be how P3D2 runs once we start putting addons in, but we’re going to have to wait because there’s not a great deal of properly native P3D2 addons available right now.

    Don’t hit the uninstall button on FSX just yet.

  7. boez says:

    Sadly I’m still seeing stutters mostly on banked turns as I did with v2.1. My specs are 3770k @ 4.8, 9Gb Ram, nvidia780. Fresh install of Windows 7 on new SSD then P3D and nothing else. I still think its related to their decision to drop Full Screen Exclusive (FSE) mode. Pity as it looks so good especially the cloud shadows but can’t put up with the stutter. They are less frequent than with v2.1 but still there.

    Just to be thorough I then did a clean install of FSX (XPack) plus NI (to allow me to enable 1/2 refresh vsync). In windowed mode the stutter was worse than P3D even once I’d remembered to turn back on DWM to give me Vsync! However with FSX in FSE mode there was zero stutter. None. Nada!

    How can people be getting it so smooth! Or do they not actually notice it? Or have they not seen just how really smooth FSE + 60hz + 30fps + 1/2 vsync actually is?!

    • Kosta says:

      Try dropping the monitor refresh rate to 30hz and set 30fps in P3D. Just for the test. I notice big difference when I match screen refresh to sim refresh. You can also do it with 35/35 or 40/40, whatever you find stable. Holding 60 is hard, but smooth if you manage to.
      Note that changing the monitor refresh can be dangerous, but if you feel like a bit of no risk no fun, then go for it. I do it on daily basis, but I also have an overclockable monitor board, which allows me to set basically anyhting.

  8. Ian says:

    Yes, I have more stutters than in v2.1. Especially in turns. Can you suggest any way to reduce them, even if they can’t be eliminated?

  9. My experience so far is the “eycandy” comes at a moderate to often severe performance cost. Specially in heavy clouds/weather. Turning off the eycandy/prertys and its ok. VAS is improved.

  10. VC10 says:

    Agreed, cloud cover absolutely cripples my framerate.

    • Rafal says:

      Hi I have the same problem with clouds
      When i use building storm i have only c.a 10fps.but if i change time preview c.a 1h my fps grow up to 50. Its strange.
      I have i7 2700k 4.4ghz and asus gtx 780.
      I waiting for a test from master Kosta:-D

    • VC10 says:

      After more experimentation I’ve found it’s actually the cloud shadows that are hitting my framerate so drastically. This is on a GTX780Ti.

      • Kosta says:

        Indeed they are, VC10. Even minimal setting is killing my card extremely. Yes, it is an old one, but if you report the same on the 780TI, then I guess it makes little sense for me to buy it…

      • VC10 says:

        Kosta, checking some more and it seems if I limit cloud shadows to 10km then the framerate penalty isn’t too bad at all. If I push it much further out then it starts to really hit the framerate. With cloud shadows at 30km and using a weather theme with lots of cloud cover (“major thunderstorm”, “fogged in”, for example) my framerate drops from the locked 30fps down to single digits.

        What P3D2 gives with one hand, it takes away with the other….

        Still pretty unimpressed with P3D2 overall at this point. I think it’s going to need more development and even better hardware. As an MSFS veteran I’m starting to feel the more things change, the more they stay the same!

      • VC10 says:

        Oh, and this is with a totally clean P3D2 install using default aircraft.

        I can only guess at how this will be once I start throwing Orbx scenery in and more detailed aircraft.

      • VC10 says:

        Some interesting info regarding autogen shadows with cloud shadows enabled:

        Basically with cloud shadows enabled you get lower res (and flickering) autogen shadows. I don’t normally bother with autogen shadows, but I did switch them on to see what they looked like and found they were indeed low res, flickering and shimmering. Now we know why…

  11. boez says:

    Although this linked below post is about video it makes very interesting reading regarding vsync and full screen versus windowed mode. ‘Smooth’ and FSE is mentioned a couple of times!

  12. Paolo says:

    After many tests, with i7 3770K (OC 4.5, HT on) and Titan, the top is:

    – AM 85 ………….. and nothing else.

    No blurries, no stutters, everything to the maximum (except clouds shadows which have some problem).

  13. Emin says:

    There is no way we can run the darn simulator at 60fps steadily especially with multi-monitor setup. Not with gtx780, not even with Titan. I don’t believe it. I wish there were 30hz monitors selling out there.
    However, I found this news about 4K monitor at 30hz. It’s still expensive but price may come down in future.…ews-46879.html

  14. Craig Hustadt says:

    Loaded PD3 2.2 on new disk and let FSUIPC handle all aircraft control functions. No Problem
    Loaded FTX Global for PD# v2.0 and a mess frame rate down by half and blurry scenery.
    Gone back to FSX

  15. Harshad says:


    I am new to sim world. I am using sony VAIO laptop for fsx. I was Really unhappy with stuttering problem.after reading your advise on Hardware and software,I applied all your suggestion of tweaks and it really worked very well,but the next day I tried it without changing Any thing,it did not work and same issue of stuttering started.i checked in fsx.conf and every thing was right there whatever tweaks Were applied. I am not able to find out the solution. Please advise me on this issue Thanks Harshad

    Sent from my iPad


    • Kosta says:

      Seems like a computer problem more than a FSX problem. I really can’t do remote diagnostic, as there are too many variables. It can be anything from wrong Windows setting, over bad hardware or bad configuration.

  16. Afterburner says:

    Have you already experimented with P3D v2.2 more extensively? If yes, are you going to post your findings soon?
    I only use FSX, but I am interested in your information.

    • Kosta says:

      The disappointing answer is going to be “very little”. The real life is currently taking the most of my time, the new work I started has to do with network administration and very complicated software, something I only know and understand on the “home” level, and is giving me the opportunity to position myself differently in life, going way higher than my previous job. So I am passing on P3D/FSX a little, or a lot. I will see how this goes on, but it might as well happen that I pretty much leave the flight simulation for a year or so.

      But I will tell you one thing from couple of runs and comparisons I did: 2.2 is way faster and better than 2.0 ever way, however when compared to FSX with FSX addons, it is same speed or slower. When I put FSX addon on it, it usually has shown same speed. Only 1 product I came across actually performed better.
      So, as long as you have FSX addons and want best performance, I would prefer staying with FSX, but if you want to experiment and yes, P3D really offers many things FSX doesn’t, then go that route. P3D is next generation and I see that 3PD are moving towards developing for P3D, so I guess it’s only a matter of time.
      Lastly, Nvidia still doesn’t support P3D, so you are left without 1/2 refresh, which is vital for smoothness, but if you monitor supports 30Hz, well, then you have everything you might need.

      • Afterburner says:

        Thanks a lot for your information.
        It’s too bad that you will have little time to spend on flight simulation. But alas, whatever makes you happiest, is best for you!
        By the way, did you have a chance to reproduce the same fighter jet experiment flying at 1100kts over populated areas that resulted in OOM in the 2.1 version? Did you monitor VAS usage this time? I would be interested in how VAS behaves in 2.2. It is reported that the VAS management is much better than with previous versions, which gives a huge incentive to invest in P3d in the long run.

      • Kosta says:

        The situation doesn’t make my happy, as I love my hobby, but sometimes life priorities take precedence.
        About the test: yes I did! It was actually amazing experience this time. Coupled with 30hz screen, it was mostly smooth, fps were constant and the vas was constant! It did grow a bit, say 10%, after initial load, but after that, smooth sailing all around. Was doing same turning like in the previous video and was great. They really did fix it.

      • ChaoticBeauty says:

        Did you have time to get performance figures with different autogen levels? I remember from your tests that the autogen from 2.0 performed worse than FSX autogen, is it at least on par now?

        Good luck with your job, this should be your top priority.

      • Kosta says:

        Not really, as this is really time consuming. Both sims need to be same level, same settings, then create situations, well, you can imagine the procedure. If I had that, the final report would be easy. Currently I don’t even know myself for sure really.

        Next 3 months I have an intensive networking and IT training in a central company in Germany. Gonna really be much fun and LOTS of study. Since that brings me my living-money and flight sim actually doesn’t, everyone must understand why that is a priority 🙂

      • ChaoticBeauty says:

        I see, good luck with that training. You can entirely leave flight simulation for 3 months, and when you come back, Prepar3D 2.3 will be out which will make you even more happy. 🙂

  17. Steve Wedgbury says:

    Guys I have been using v2 since day one (now 2.2). As a long standing fsx user I can only say that, for me, p3dv2.2 blows fsx away on every point. Ok so I have a fusion valkyrie setup (£4500 pc) inc GTX Titan but with 2.2 I’m running 4 screens, airbusX in vc, ftx global, Rex essentials, rex texture direct, mega airports, gsx, sb4 running on vatsim etc etc…v2.2 runs like a dream. What I have found works for me is that I don’t (any longer!) get obsessed with the little red fps number in the top left hand of the screen! I set a target frame rate of 25 (which is totally smooth to the human eye) and 2.2 runs better, prettier and smoother than fsx ever did. Oh and not one OOM or CTD.. Ever. Re smoothness I run 4 x 32inch LCD tvs, set at 30Hz they are smooth as silk!

    I know we have all spent years and small fortunes tweaking FSX to be the best is can be……but Isn’t it time to just take the plunge, move on from the old and embrace a new sim where the developer actually cares and is putting energy into constant improvements? P3d isn’t fsx, it’s a new sim that’s luckily for us backwards compatible with (most) fsx add ons. Ok so you lose some aircraft here and there (although pmdg also works fine for me on v2.2), but having a stable, smooth and under development sim for the future has to be worth it, doesn’t it? Great site BTW Kosta.

    • Kosta says:

      Thank you. I can only underline what you said. P3D v2.2 needs very little, if any tweaking and on 30Hz screens, runs by default smooth with 30fps. With a monster-PC, P3D also has a huge advantage, that it actually uses the hardware to its potential, including the Titan.

  18. Ian says:

    Steve, to your conclusion. Like you and many, I spent a small fortune and endless hours just making FSX run reliably. Now I can plan to spend another small fortune on a curved screen to really enjoy the potential of v2.2 knowing that hot fixes and the next upgrade will be on the way.

    Kosta go well in your new work.

  19. Richard says:

    I am having almost constant video crashes lately with Prepar3D 2.2 on Windows 8.1. At first I thought it might be EZCA related so I switched to OpusFSX cameras and still have video crashes. When I’m in the sim however it runs extremely well – it seems the crashes come from view changes. My specs are below. If I’m in the wrong place here I apologize in advance. Thanks.

    CPU: i7-4470 3.40 with overdrive
    RAM: 16 GB
    Windows 8.1 with latest updates
    Have 3 monitors but only running sim on center ASUS 27″ 2560X1440X32

    Sapphire HD7970 3GB
    GPU 1050
    Memory 1500
    Power 20%

    USING RadeonPro:
    AA – Use app
    AA Mode – Supersampling
    AA Filter – Unchecked
    Anisotropic – App controlled
    Tess: Unchecked
    Vertical sync: Checked – Off, unless app specifies
    Texture Filter – High quality
    Mipmap – High Quality
    VSync – Always on (Double Vsync)
    Triple buffer – checked
    Dynamic framerate – Keep up to 33FPS

    FXAA: Off
    MSAA: 4 Samples
    Anisotropic 16X
    Texture Res: High
    Tessellation Enabled
    VSync – Off
    Wide view – Checked
    Mipmap – Checked
    LOD – Ultra
    Tess – Ultra
    Mesh res – 5m
    Texture res – 30cm
    Scenery complex – Dense
    Autogen veg – Normal
    Autogen building – Normal
    Landing – Checked
    Lens flare – Checked
    HDR – Unchecked

    FTX Global
    FTX Global Vector


  20. Richard says:

    Forgot to mention –

    Running Win 8.1 64 bit
    Graphics drivers are latest AMD for Win 8.1/64. I have been experimenting with rolling back the AMD drivers with the same results.

  21. Dear Kosta,

    Have you some suggestions about graphical tweaks/configuration to be set up from the P3D v2.2 user interface and/or .ini file?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Kosta says:

      Sorry, no. 2.2 is basically non-tweakable (except for some minor stuff mentioned in the learning center).

  22. steve says:

    Hi Kosta,

    I too have been working in the IT and Telecommunications world.for the past 15 years. I would love to be in any assistance since you have made my flight simming experience 1000 times better. FYI i specialize in Cisco range of products so drop me a mail if u need anything.


    • Kosta says:

      Hey Steve,
      That’s very generous of you, many many thanks, I’ll certainly circle back to you when I have some questions!

  23. Rob says:

    Hi Kosta,
    How the heck do you switch off this sound/audio radar gauge that loads up by default in the middle of the screen.


  24. Rob says:

    Ahhh, ignore my last post, it’s a sonic radar which is part of the motherboard features……son-of-a…..
    But I seem to have many other issues with p3d 2.2.
    To note a few, clicking calibrate in p3d for the yoke brings up the windows cp ilo Saitek cp.
    I can change some control assignments but none of them are remembered.
    I can’t fly any of the default a/c as they all have cg’s that are only just behind the prop/nose regardless of what I do with fuel/payload.
    An epic fail so far for me.

  25. Fedor says:

    Hi Kosta, hi everyone else!!!

    I have a brain braker.

    I fly an Airbus 320 from Aerosoft. And I want to make a video. When I record a flight with the native flight recorder and then play it back, the playback is terrible. The picture stutters and the sounds of the engines are all messed up and also the guages are all black. turning them on manualy doesn’t help. I did try to record a flight from a cold/dark state by turning everything on but still the same result.
    The Aerosoft A320’s have an on board FDR but I can’t find anywhere on the web any info on how to use these recording though.
    FS Recorder don’t work with P3D2
    Maybe you have any ideas/suggestions?

    Thanks in Advance!!!!

    • Kosta says:

      Yep, that’s basically it. FSR doesn’t work, and internal recording is broken just the same as in FSX.
      Sorry, I have no other ideas.

  26. Fedor says:

    Thanks for replying….that sux!

  27. Aziz says:

    Hello .
    where I can buy Prepar3D ? and is it better than FSX steam edition ?
    thank you

  28. Rob says:

    As far as I know, the only place you can buy it is from Lockheed Martin –
    Version 2.4 is working quite well for me – many problems fixed since version 2.2
    They are getting close to releasing 2.5

  29. michael says:

    I have a question if anyone could please help
    I am considering switching over to p3d v2.5

    Cant decide which one to get academic or the professional??

    Are all the addons compatible in both versions?

    Which one would be the wisest choice for the future.?

    With the 64bit in near future is it a free upgrade?


    • Kosta says:

      To my knowledge all addons that are p3d compatible are compatible with both versions. Though, which version you take depends on your usage: check p3d website for licensing details. I can’t tell you which one.
      I personally fit into professional, and I would hate the watermark logo in the academic.

      • Rob says:

        Yes, this is also my understanding. The code is identical, the only difference is the annoying water mark on the academic version.
        It’s also my understanding that the only time an update is free is if it’s only a minor revision e.g. 2.3 to 2.4.
        If it’s a major revision e.g. 2.x to 3.x then this is not free. 32 bit to 64 bit will be a major revision [full rewrite of the code]

      • Kosta says:

        And this is exactly when you’ll have to pay another $200 again. This is why I am stopping with the P3D, except if they fix things that I’m ranting about for like 2 years now:

        I posted but not a single reply.

      • Ian McPhail says:

        P3D Academic is sufficient for most, and the watermark is very unobtrusive. I will happily pay another $40 for a 64bit version.

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