Review: GoFlight MCP-Pro + EFIS

Hello everyone,

I recently got a new MCP-Pro from GoFlight and had some time to play with it on my NGX. So let’s start off with a review.


There was no special branded packaging, the MCP-Pro, along with the EFIS, came in well bubbled box, undamaged and well protected. With it, couple of screws and accessories – and no manual or installation instructions. The resourcefullness dictates Internet – easy-peasy, manual is directly on the website.


The installation itself was a bit of a pain, to be honest. I basically got the MCP-Pro and the EFIS as separate modules, and then the side holders, to keep the MCP on the table. Even in the manual or on the website, there is no text and explanation on how to exactly mount the EFIS onto the MCP. But, from looking at the pictures of already mounted MCP+EFIS, one can only guess, and then start opening the EFIS, to be able to mount the supporting stand between the EFIS and MCP, which was, in the end, a real pain to screw together. Of course, I did a mistake at the first round of putting it together, I screwed the EFIS directly to the MCP, without putting the stand between the two. Had to put it apart again, screwing the stand inbetween (see later pictures). Alright, time to install drivers, and see what I need to use it with the PMDG NGX 737.

Software installation:

This part of the installation went without a real glitch. Actually the procedure for this was very well explained in the manuals, and I had the software installed in couple of minutes. After that, connected the MCP and the EFIS, they were recognized and installed without a problem.

First impressions:

It is a really nice piece of hardware. Well built, all metal design (except pots and buttons of course), and has quite a nice touch to it. So I fired up the FSX, chosen the NGX and I already saw the GoFlight program starting up automatically, though not the NGX controller program – that had to be start manually. No matter. I entered the path into FSUIPC, to start it automatically.

First usage of the MCP-Pro gave me somewhat mixed feelings. The pots were reacting really great, though I still had more precision with my G700 wheel over the NGX pot. Nevertheless, the feeling of turning the actual pot is in no real comparison to the mouse wheel, that much must be said! In no way are the MCP-Pro pots bad, they are just “different”. NGX was reacting well on the pot turns, and I was able to make precision adjustments.

One thing that got me thinking, or better said, gave me mixed feelings, are the buttons – simply said, they are really hard to press and quite loud. Not only one or two, but all of them. The VNAV button also needs a bit more pressure than other buttons, and as you will see in the video, I needed to push it twice, 2nd time a little harder. Nevertheless, you also have a visual support in NGX VC and on the MCP, which shows you if the button has been pushed or not.

Furthermore, the MCP also has the switches, including lights above them, for A/T and F/Ds. Those work as expected, and are not motorized. Light will go out, if you flip the switch on the MCP in the NGX.

EFIS: nice little piece of equipment. I’ll go into more details later, but it works as expected.

Details MCP-PRO:

Let’s start with some pictures:




As you can see, the MCP provides the full 737 functions. All functions changed on the NGX MCP reflect on the GF-MCP, of course, too. The supporting stands on the left and the right of the MCP are adjustable, so you can set the angle as you wish. On the back side provided are two openings for the screws, it is possible to mount the back cover to any kind of supporting surface if you wish. Also, on the sides, the provided holes give you a possibility to mount it into home built cockpits. See following picture:


One thing that was a bit disappointing, since I was in the 737 cockpit once, and I remember it was relatively easy to push a button – they weren’t as nearly as hard to press as the ones on the MCP-PRO. I believe this would be an easy thing to improve, and something GoFlight should take a big look into.

The MCP together with the EFIS gives a nice impression:


Details EFIS:

EFIS provides you with the older type of Boeing 737-3/4/500 EFIS with the range of 10-640, not the newer NG EFIS with the range for 5-640. Nevertheless, the software supports settings for both – you can have it go from 5-320 or 10-640, as on the EFIS. I chose to have 10-640 and switching to 5 manually with a mouse, if needed.

Couple of cool functions on the EFIS:
– pushing and holding the DH/MDA dial will rotate the MINS larger dial on the NGX EFIS- pushing and holding the BARO IN/HPA dial will rotate the BARO larger dial on the NGX EFIS
– since the GoFlight EFIS does not have CTR and TFC buttons, you can map these functions to the FPV and MTRS buttons instead. If you do this, you will now need to press and hold the relevant button to activate FPV/MTRS


So, and now for couple of macro-shots, showing the external build quality and buttons.






As usual, here is a video of NGX in use. Showing a bit of this and that, rotary function, buttons… Due to extreme complexity and the possible length of the video, I won’t be showing the whole real preparation and flight, just a bit of testing. Please beware that this video was made to show the functions, so please don’t mind the forgotten flaps, overspeeds and other quirks I managed to put into this demo!

GoFlight MCP-Pro+EFIS Review Video
(remember to switch to 720p prior to watching!)

Final opinions and a conclusion:

In the end, after couple of flights, I can say this isn’t a bad piece of hardware at all! Considering the price, and that I got one replacement already, the small glitch with a button shouldn’t be there. Taken into consideration the functions, how it is built and the overall quality of the product, it’s a fine hardware to invest in (considering how much a “real” 737NG MCP costs, easily doubling the price), provided you have all functions like in the real 737NG. Also a big improvement would be the kind of the button, somewhat easier to press, so I don’t have to hold the MCP from tipping over (even when put on the Nanopads, which hold it in place pretty well, or at least keep it from sliding away when pushing buttons). If the technology behind the buttons were the similar like the push-buttons on the dials, that would be great. Also has to be noted that the unit was ment to be a part of the bigger system, where it would be fully fixed and not slide away. My situation is only about the home desktop use, without any kind of console.

One things I must add, GoFlight’s help and support was throughout amazing. This is one thing I can’t complain at all about. Very helpful contacts.

My final thought is that this MCP is not targeted to the “PFC users”, meaning those expecting highest quality with highest demands – there are other products for that. This product is targeted to the average simmer, wanting to expand his horizons a bit – say somewhere inbetween the Saitek Yoke and the PFC Yoke. And the price reflects that too.

Finally, my score for this MCP is 80 of 100.

– very hard to press buttons
– very loud buttons
– mounting somewhat painful, but doable in the end

– price, taken other products in consideration
– build quality
– nice dials, good reaction
– good software support

GoFlight Official Website

Product Links: MCP-Pro EFIS
In Europe, GF Products are available also via Aerosoft

To integrate MCP+EFIS into NGX: GoFlight PMDG Interface

Any questions that you might have, feel free to ask!

34 Responses to Review: GoFlight MCP-Pro + EFIS

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  2. Yair Ben-Ad says:

    …. nice work Kosta… tnx !
    You are absolotly raight rmaping GoFlight devices right between PFC & Saitek, & this is what Ilike about GoFlight

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  4. Dirk says:

    I agree, I have many of their panels (about 12+), they are durable and convenient at acceptable price.

  5. Yair Ben-Ad says:

    .. & I think this is what most of us are looking for.
    BTW, I hope you will have a chance to review the “New Kid in Town”, GoFlight Yoke, it’s been a while that I’m looking a proper replacement to my old a fateful Saitek Pro Yoke, the PFC option, is over my budget, & I hpe that GoFlight will come with something to cover the gap between Saitek & PFC..
    I was so sorry to hear about this ordeal with, AVSIM … there are lot of guys that will miss you over there … but maybe as it’s say in the holly scrip “it was all for the best” .. & you will gain your “Freedom” …. I, personally, would like to thank you for all the support I received from you over the years at AVSIM
    “.. let the All-Mighty bless you on your new way” 🙂

    • Kosta says:

      HI Yair,
      Yeah, I would hope that too and would really be looking towards it! I am sure it will be quite a nice piece of equipment.
      It will in my case be put against it’s rival, the PFC 🙂 I am really interested how good they will close this gap.

      Don’t let me leaving the avsim fool you. Left yeah, but not died. Blog is alive, I will be on and other forums. So I’ll be around. Just not any more at that hypocritical site.

  6. Herbert Krosta says:

    Hello Kosta!
    I would like to thank you very much for all the tweaks you wrote and I did follow with no rejections. It is very said how AVSIM got at you. Did I see something like this before? General Feldmarschall “Rommel” the Desertfox, but he had to take the Zyancali, cyanide Pill under Hitler. You have a nice website and I will come here if I need help. Best regards, Herb

  7. Yair Ben-Ad says:

    .. yeah, poor Erwin, I think he use the Pill cuz he he couldn’t do what Kosta did, have his own Sim-Blog … no internet for the Marshal …lol

  8. Yair Ben-Ad says:

    ..oh, I remember, u got the PFC Yoke, It would really nice to put one net to the other
    Cheers !
    Keep the good Sim-spirit 🙂

  9. Howard Rockliffe says:

    Great review Srdan. I have the Vrinsight MCP, but to be honest something like the Goflight MCP will be on the cards for my next cockpit build. Thanks again mate

    • Kosta says:

      Thanks, Howard!
      Unfortunately, I find myself very rarely using it. Flying has become a bit tedious for me lately, because my cockpit is not left standing, but I have to “build” it each time. I find myself flying very rarely because of that. I have no place to leave it standing, and can’t leave it on the working table, as it kills the whole working area, so to speak…

  10. Arnold says:

    Great Review. I just got mine but it doesnt work in PMDG 😦 My PMDG Interface is all green except the last one who is just spamming green. The guide says that means its data is processed but this thing doesnt stop! Very good product though but do u think you know the problem? Im checking there forum but still no answer!

    • Kosta says:

      Clarify please: you are trying to use it with the PMDG 737 NGX?
      I don’t really know, you will need GF support here, as I basically installed drivers, connected the unit, fired up FSX, fired up the PMDG program and that’s it.
      You DID download the GoFlight PMDG interface??

  11. Arnold says:

    Yes i got contact on the forum. Still same problem though even if i have reinstalled my NGX and so on. I hope the find a way to make it work for me.

    • Kosta says:

      Arnold, if not even the forum and GoFlight direct support per email can help you, I don’t see me helping you more.
      Maybe in couple of days, the coming weekend for example, if I gain enough free time, I could look into your computer (via Teamviewer for example) and see if I can quickly spot something wrong… until then, I hope you solve it!

      • Arnold says:

        Hi again. Well now i got a English Windows 7 and still the mcp doesn’t react. Tell me when you have time so i can give you my Teamview code. Been trying to make it work for months now. Take care


      • Kosta says:

        Arnold, not quite being a GoFlight support, did you:
        – check all the needed software and drivers that need to be installed?
        – contact GoFlight support and asked them for help?
        In the end, it’s their product.

  12. Bernd says:

    Hi Kosta,

    Could it make sence to add to your review the following link to a GoFlight PMDG Interface and a very open GoFlight Interface Tool (this is pretty much the same like the PMDG but open to many other add on planes)
    I am very happy with it when flying the PMDG NGX and using GF-EFIS, GF MCP Pro, GF ICCS, GF 46 and GF-RP48.
    The reaction time is much faster than using e.g. FSUIPC, what I did before I found this page. If there are Problems, there is a forum and in general a very fast response of Steven Munn.
    I absolutly appreciate, what he is doing there for the community.
    And since your homepage is also well visited as I suppose, I thought, it could be worthfull to add a link in your GF-Review.

    Best wishes,


    • Kosta says:

      Hi Bernd,

      Can you tell me what the difference is between pollypot-software Interface and this one here:

      Because, Steve Munn is the same person I gather.
      Is this just his direct website?

      • Bernd says:

        Hi Kosta,

        the version of the PMDG-Interface in your link is rather old. The Version shows up. The current version is 1.2.1 and seems to me to be a substract of the general Goflight Interface tool.
        What I understood is, that the versions of the PMDG Interface until version are of an older style. If I am not wrong, Steve used until the developer interface of PMDG only and some simvars.
        He then restructured the SW completely and seemed to have found a way, to realise a much deeper communication with FSX. He implemented a detective tool (a sniffer) to find out about certain action (e.g. pressing a button, turning a rotary) in order to then create so called bespoke events in the depths of FSX. This means, that if you spend enough time, you make the GF-Stuff work with any add on plane.
        If anybody does the work for a certain addon plane, it is possilbe to share it with others.
        Since the version 1.2.0 the PMDG GF Interface is in my understanding in line with the general GF Interface Tool.

      • Kosta says:

        Ah OK, I get it. That’s what I thought. I’ll put it up this weekend. Thanks for the link!

      • Bernd says:

        Steve works on the inteface for quite a while now and one can see constant improvement and new beta version of the GF Interface Tool. In my sense there is no big step anymore to get out of the betas.
        So maybe it is worthfull to share it with others, because his homepage is really hard to find via google. You have to know how to search.

        Best wishes,

        P.S.: Thank you for your detailed GTX Titan review!

  13. nashat says:

    can any body tell me where to call to find out why my GF-MCO-PRO NOT WORKING in EUROPE NASHAT

    • Kosta says:

      You can contact GF per Email, they are very fast at answering and have a great support.
      Additionally you can ask around the forums.
      You can call Aerosoft if you bought it from them.
      Otherwise have to call USA, because GF *are* situated in USA.

  14. Hi Kosta. Sorry to hear of your troubles at Avsim. I have long respected your hard work and efforts to share your experiences with other sim enthusiasts. You can tell just from this Blog of your dedication and generous nature. I went with FlightDeckSolutions JetMaxx MCP/EFIS, which you rightly state is much more expensive. You can see the differences in the quality though. If quality construction and great tactile feel are important, I would urge you to look over the FDS hardware! Especially their CDU!! The PRO-MAX FMC (CDU) is full-scale, true to life CDU! Right down to the DZUS fasteners. Designed to be mounted in a cockpit console, I have mine sitting up on my desktop, and I totally love it. Take a look – I think you will be amazed, it is on par with PFC stuff, no question. Best of luck to you, my friend. Robert McDonald

  15. Gabriel says:

    Hi kosta. i recently bought PFC yoke and im really glad. now im not sure aboute the go flight mcp or the Remote Instrument Console.of PFC. what will you recomande

  16. Thank you, I’ve recently been searching for information about this topic for
    a long time and yours is the best I have found out till
    now. However, what in regards to the bottom line?

    Are you certain about the supply?

  17. Alamin yahaya says:

    The go-flight EFIS and MCP are just too expensive plz reduce it to about 125.50 euros……thanks

  18. Ed says:

    I see a lot of discussion in various forums about the PMDG interface for the GoFlight MCP PRO that I just purchased, but I cannot find it anyplace. Don’t see anything on GoFlight’s site or anywhere else. Tried following the links in the comments above here, but I guess they are outdated as all I got were page cannot be found messages. Can you give me a reliable link for obtaining this software? Many thanks.

  19. Frank says:

    I purchased the GF-MCP-PRO panel. The IAS/MACH display no longer lights up.
    I sent several e-mails and called them three times, have not received a response.
    My panel is less than a year old. I am really disappointed about no response..
    I believed they were ok to deal with and support .
    Sorry I spent all that money on the product.
    Has anyone here dealt with them and had any luck?

  20. Ed says:

    I’ve had the GF-MCP Pro and EFIS unit for some time now and am very satisfied with them. Sometimes you have to fool around a bit with GF config and the GF data bridge link when you change simulators, but I’ve always got them working. Not compatible with every add on aircraft, but a high enough percentage to satisfy me. And they work perfectly with the iFly 737 NG through the GF config software, and work perfectly with the PMDG 737 NG with the GF Interface Tool. As for support, I find them hard to beat. Most of the time I get John in tech support directly and he will stay on the phone with you till the problem is solved. So, Frank, I find it hard to understand that you are having trouble in that area.

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