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DTG – new sim based on Microsoft Flight Simulator?

It is old news that DTG are developing a new simulator. The point that has (maybe) been unclear, was what kind of simulator DTG are developing. They have been gathering information and are planing for release in 2016. I found … Continue reading

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Reshade – very impressed!!

I’ve never been a fan of ENB, SweetFX etc. I never seemed to be able to get it to work properly, stable and really good looking. Besides, with permanent reloading, it was pain to set up. Yesterday I came over … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s time to finally switch… (first v2.5 vs FSX:SE test)

Hello everyone, Has been a while and FSX being an oldtimer, while P3D advanced, I was caught in the middle of world, not really knowing which way is right. FSX is what is, tweaked stable/unstable platform like it always was, … Continue reading

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P3Dv2 Nvidia Profile and Support Request

I would like anyone whom I can reach and is using Prepar3D, to fill in a official request to Nvidia via Geforce Experience. This program is usually installed with a driver and is a support for Nvidia drivers. To make … Continue reading

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To say I am disappointed is a huge understatement

Weell….. LM team was telling me I had a weak card (GTX580). Supporting users were telling me my GPU sucked for P3D. I knew what I was doing, I wasn’t overloading my GPU. Now I got the GTX980 (no, P3D … Continue reading

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If I would be selling my flightsim computer…

Would there be anyone interested out there? I actually never wanted to do this, and have a friend who would also like to get it (not for flightsim), but being a quite good FSX configuration and running FSX quite well, … Continue reading

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Buyers beware – 32-64bit converter scam @

I just wanted to alert people about a tool (thanks to Ben from Airline2Sim and Majestic), for which I am very sure it doesn’t do what is advertising itself as: expand the RAM usage of FSX. It’s just not possible … Continue reading

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Majestic Dash Q400 + Airline2Sim Tutorial Videos

Well well, Although I never thought of myself flying the prop, being a massive jet-tubeliner junkie, I have to say, I have been massively surprised in the last couple of days. Since I’ve been planing on getting into Austrian Airlines … Continue reading

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Breaking news: New VATSIM client

Weeeell, Finally, after the simple vpilot client, here comes a full sized new client for VATSIM. So as the presentation goes on, I made couple of simple pictures to show you what is coming on. It is called swift. And … Continue reading

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W14 Vatsim Conference

Very interesting, informative and lots of cool guys. Finally having a chance to meet some guys I was talking online only. Unfortunately initially I wasn’t planing on going, but I got the last minute opportunity, so thank you Morten!!

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