If I would be selling my flightsim computer…

Would there be anyone interested out there?

I actually never wanted to do this, and have a friend who would also like to get it (not for flightsim), but being a quite good FSX configuration and running FSX quite well, I thought maybe some of you might be interested.
The computer is in Austria, so Europe applies 😉

(Optionally we can talk about me giving you a working tweaked setup, provided all prerequisites are fulfilled)

What is being sold:
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V PRO
CPU: Intel i7 2600K @ 4.6Ghz (watercooled)
GPU: Nvidia Zotac GTX 580 1536MB
RAM: 8GB Corsair CL9 1866Mhz (CMX8GX3M2A2000C9)
(Optional: full configured and tweaked computer, tower only)

Used addons (just to paint you a picture of my setup):
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
FSX: PMDG aircraft (NGX, 777), Majestic Dash Q400, Accusim Effects, EZCA, FSUIPC, REX4 – Texture Direct, ActiveSky Next, ORBX Global Textures, Global Mesh, Ultimate Terrain X, airports by UK2000, FSDreamteam, Flightbeam, ORBX, Aerosoft… and many other various addons.

Just post here, I’ll contact you per your registered email.

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21 Responses to If I would be selling my flightsim computer…

  1. Richard says:

    Are you getting a new rig or why would you sell your current rig?

    • Kosta says:

      Yes, but the reason is not FSX. FSX is great and I am still flying it.
      The reasons are simple:
      Elite and Star Citizen, my GTX580 is simply not enough for high quality + 2560×1440 res.
      I need better shielded mainboard for my audio work – ROG Maximus VII comes to mind (incl. watercooling modules for the mainboard).

      • WebMaximus says:

        OK, good to hear the reason is you’re getting a new rig. You had me worried there for a while you had it with FS and that would be a major loss for the community.

        Hope you’ll find someone who would like to buy your rig!

  2. Kosta says:

    No worries. I’m here to stay! Thanks man.

  3. Angelo gomes says:

    I’m currently running FSX on a laptop, which sucks.. So I could be interested.
    Where can we talk about the product and prices?

    Thank you.

  4. pilip75 says:

    Dear Kosta,
    not my business to interfere with your decision but as i just moved from a very similar computer to the hardware you have in mind, i would say the following according to my very recent experience .
    Why you don’t just improve your GPU who is really weak . The 4970 k will not give you much more than a small 10% at the same clock speed .. Very few can go a higher overclocking than 4.7Gmh and many are even slower (h t disabled), even with a very good cooling !
    I went also from 8 Go 1600 ram to 8 Go 2400,ram, also, not a very clear improvement.
    I think the real change should come by mid 2015 with the coming new intel CPU 14mn generation . With tem we should be able to reach 5Gmh or even a bit more . That s should be a real improvement for our beloved FSX .
    Maximus vii ranger or hero mother board is fine, i got il also to be ready for the coming broadwell processor..
    Nevertheless all the best for your new computer .
    By the way how could i send you a FSX flight picture on the blog i need your advise on it .
    p rostain

    • Kosta says:

      Thanks, I knew that. I am not expecting world, really. It’s more than my current mainboard is just too noisy for the audiophile stuff I do, I work on audio and listen to music via Spotify and Qobuz, and even having a good audio card doesn’t mean crap if the mainboard isn’t properly shielded, which Maximus would be (at least they advertise that). And it would be stupid to buy Maximus V. Better go VII, so new CPU would be in order. Or maybe I wait until 14nm come out, that might be a better idea.
      I know the GPU is the best upgrade I can do, and it is also the most expensive one.

  5. AZWildk4t says:

    Hi Kosta. What kind of case and Power Supply did you use for current computer?

  6. Wojtek says:

    Hi Kosta! I can pay You if You help me sort out problems with fsx/prep3d. 🙂
    I have quite good setup, but i can’t get it right…

  7. Patriick Horan says:

    Hi Kosta, are you the same, that works for ASN?

  8. Giannis says:

    Hi Kostas…… I m interested in buying your pc….. contact with me via e-mail if its still available ….

  9. Ângelo says:


    Are you still able to sell a copy of a rig like yours? And I mean, like the current one you use nowadays?

    • Kosta says:

      No, not really. I am not a company and cannot take any responsibility for buying parts, and/or configuring them.

  10. Ammar Malhas says:

    I am very interested in ur help achieving an acceptable fps and display on my 3-projector / 3-PC setup. I have very good hardware specs.
    I used ur tweaks which improved my setup but I am having VERY BAD fps and display; at EDDF default airport I do not get more than 10 fps with the settings u recommend, at London City on the ground I am getting 7 fps and less!
    Of course I am willing to compensate u for ur time and help.
    My email is my name at gmail.

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