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Majestic Dash Q400 + Airline2Sim Tutorial Videos

Well well, Although I never thought of myself flying the prop, being a massive jet-tubeliner junkie, I have to say, I have been massively surprised in the last couple of days. Since I’ve been planing on getting into Austrian Airlines … Continue reading

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Breaking news: New VATSIM client

Weeeell, Finally, after the simple vpilot client, here comes a full sized new client for VATSIM. So as the presentation goes on, I made couple of simple pictures to show you what is coming on. It is called swift. And … Continue reading

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W14 Vatsim Conference

Very interesting, informative and lots of cool guys. Finally having a chance to meet some guys I was talking online only. Unfortunately initially I wasn’t planing on going, but I got the last minute opportunity, so thank you Morten!!

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