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EZCA doesn’t like VSYNC

Today I discovered yet another annoyance, present in both FSX and P3D. We all know the EZCA Camera system, and that you can set yourself presets to change the views, both in cockpit and outside. Always been using this system … Continue reading

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From GEX to FTXG – screenshots!

So what happens really when we upgrade to FTXG, coming from say upgraded textures, like GEX? I mean, the difference between original FSX and FTXG is obvious, big and really awesome, but how does it size to already upgraded textures? … Continue reading

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FTX Global

So I installed FTX Global today. For me, it is the next best thing after NGX. Without much going into artistic area, I will stay in the technical, and say the following: For me, it causes neither extra FPS drop … Continue reading

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Mouse FPS Drop in VC in FSX vs. in P3D

Just today while fooling around a bit, I noticed that in P3D I have less or almost no FPS drop when mouse is over and off the sim. I read on NGX support forums from Tabs, that FSX was coded … Continue reading

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