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Screenshots section!

I added a new screenshots section, so if you fancy some nice graphics, see the link(s) on the right side of the blog. Feel free to leave comments here! Advertisements

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A useful FSX water setting info

As I have been wondering often what happens in the sim when the water slider is moved, here is a brief explanation of it (there are various sources for this, one being PT blog, but none being complete – this … Continue reading

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FSX/P3D OOM (Out Of Memory) helper/fix

Dear Simmers, As we get more and more plagued by OOMs in FSX due to 4GB constraint, there is a Microsoft fix that apparently helps to prevent an OOM happening in both P3D and FSX. Beware that this is not … Continue reading

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FSX/P3D comparison is back

As the title says, the comparison is back, and I did it to my best knowledge and same settings under two operating system installation, completely separated from each other, with the same addons installed. The results are way more comparable. … Continue reading

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ORBX P3D library update

ORBX issued a library update, making ORBX FTX central natively compatible with P3D. Sceneries can be installed via Estonia Migrator, but ORBX doesn’t recommend it. They announced soon to come library update that will update all dlls and make everything … Continue reading

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FSX/P3D Performance Comparison Removal

Dear simmers, Unforunately, I had to remove my review on performance comparison. I made a mistake in the review, something I really don’t do often, and this time the error was so deep, I didn’t have a chance of noticing … Continue reading

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FSDT Addon Manager now compatible with Legacy Mode

Umberto managed to make the FSDT Addon Manager compatible EVEN with the Estonia Migrator Legacy Mode (P3D running as a disguised FSX). Check here for more info.

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