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P3Dv2 vs FSX: Addons Comparison

My dear simmers! This is the 3rd and most probably the last comparison I will do for P3Dv2. It has become apparent that my tests are considered unrealistic, and bogus if you will. The thing is, I read many forums, … Continue reading

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Result of a GPU comparison on P3Dv2

Hello again! A very nice guy, Ben, who also posted here on my blog, was very kind to “lend” me his PC for an hour this evening, let me have his P3Dv2 installation as a test-bed for a comparison between … Continue reading

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Autogen performance FSX vs P3Dv2

I don’t want to go into details, I just did a quick performance comparison between FSX and P3Dv2. Also, this is a comparison on MY computer, MY GPU, the (now) midranged GTX580… I am aware that P3Dv2 works better with … Continue reading

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P3Dv2 Performance Analysis

Well, for my own sake and to know how to compare the two sims and to know how to set it up, I ventured into deeper analysis what causes how much performance drop in the P3Dv2, and that between the … Continue reading

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Prepar3D v2 Autogen Anti-Popping System

As I had some questions on this, and some users say that v2 “looks like FSX”, the screenshots don’t do it justice, especially this: AAPS (Autogen Anti-Popping System). It works with trees the best, however with some buildings it doesn’t … Continue reading

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FSX/P3D comparison is back

As the title says, the comparison is back, and I did it to my best knowledge and same settings under two operating system installation, completely separated from each other, with the same addons installed. The results are way more comparable. … Continue reading

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FSX/P3D Performance Comparison Removal

Dear simmers, Unforunately, I had to remove my review on performance comparison. I made a mistake in the review, something I really don’t do often, and this time the error was so deep, I didn’t have a chance of noticing … Continue reading

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