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Estonia Migration Tool with P3Dv2 support available

Well, for anyone wanting an easy porting tool, this is the solution. Use FSX installer to install addons into P3Dv2. Highly recommended and I tested it too 😉 Estonia Migration Tool Download

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P3Dv2 Performance Analysis

Well, for my own sake and to know how to compare the two sims and to know how to set it up, I ventured into deeper analysis what causes how much performance drop in the P3Dv2, and that between the … Continue reading

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Prepar3D v2 Autogen Anti-Popping System

As I had some questions on this, and some users say that v2 “looks like FSX”, the screenshots don’t do it justice, especially this: AAPS (Autogen Anti-Popping System). It works with trees the best, however with some buildings it doesn’t … Continue reading

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ActiveSky Next on it’s way!

As if the Prepar3D v2 beta testing wasn’t enough for me, and while some were asking why there aren’t more screenshots showing more features, details etc, well, it is maybe because at the same time I was flying FSX (well, … Continue reading

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Can’t resist… have to sleep…

Well, I just thought, leaving you with that bad old legacy texturing, is just criminal. Shame on me… now, this is more like it! Besides, a little bit toned down settings, for more realistic performance on a “lowly” GTX580. Details … Continue reading

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And now for something a little bit different…

Yeah, I still did have some real life obligations, like a new job, new shop management, but now you know why I have been so busy lately… some 200 beta-posts later and countless hours at figuring stuff out… With a … Continue reading

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