P3Dv2 Nvidia Profile and Support Request

I would like anyone whom I can reach and is using Prepar3D, to fill in a official request to Nvidia via Geforce Experience. This program is usually installed with a driver and is a support for Nvidia drivers. To make a request, please do following:

Open Geforce Experience and on the right lower side click “Send feedback”.
In the window, go to:
1) Game detection and support
2) Suggest a game we should support
3) With + add the path to P3D
4) Write something useful

Btw. all those threads on the Geforce forums are completely useless. Nvidia itself wrote on one thread, if you want a game support, the only and best way is via Geforce Experience.

So let’s keep those requests flowing in! Maybe they’ll listen…

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7 Responses to P3Dv2 Nvidia Profile and Support Request

  1. jerry friz says:

    Done, I will let others know also, very good idea.
    Jerry Friz

  2. Ken says:


  3. Benjamin says:

    Done! It seems silly for nVidia to not want to be in the face of LM. Regardless, task is done and hopefully P3D will make the cut someday soon.


  4. Torsten says:

    Good idea … done!

  5. Ivo says:


  6. Rob says:

    Nvidia driver 353.62 has p3d flying smoother and it’s stopped the endless lockups I used to suffer while watching tv [I have a tuner card in this pc]
    So maybe this pestering Nvidia via experience is working! 🙂

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